20ft Basic Shipping Container Office

Made to Order
  • Basic office conversion from a 20ft container
  • Can be produced from a used or one-trip container
  • Easy to alter the design or layout (all custom built)
  • Fully lined in ply or melamine and insulated
  • Includes lighting and electrics
  • Door / window positioned to your requirements
  • Repainted in Green or Blue
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
  • Marine plywood floor (circa 28mm)
  • Corten steel construction (COR-TEN A grade)
Price from: £4,995.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 10155 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Our basic shipping container offices are ideal for all sorts of remote office requirements and can be modified to your specification.

As standard they come as a basic, no frills office unit. They can be used as they are or finished to your requirements.

These 20ft shipping container offices can be produced from a used or one-trip container depending on your budget and the look you are needing. For a smart office that will be on display to your customers we would always recommend a one-trip unit. If it’s to be hidden away or used in an industrial area then a used container may be perfectly suitable.

If you opt for a one-trip container then paintwork around hot-works will be touched up to the original container colour, a used container will be repainted in your choice of green RAL6007 or Blue RAL5013. Other colours are available on request.

Whichever container option you go for this will be brought into our conversion depot and checked and repaired to wind and watertight standard (if required). We will insulate and line the container with plywood, OSB or melamine (as available/required). Electrics will be surface mounted and will include 2 no. 5ft LED strip lights and 2 no. double sockets, external connection and internal RCD all trunking etc. You can specify positions for the sockets, light switch and RCD/external connection. A standard 945mm x 945mm window with steel security shutters will be fitted, along with a high-security steel personnel door. You can specify positions for both of these to suit the position you will be placing the container in or the purpose you have for it.

The cargo doors of the container can be left operational (handy if you will be storing large items in your office), but if they’re not to be used then we’d recommend they are welded shut. This is more secure and gives a better internal finish.

You may want to consider upgrading our basic office, some options are detailed below but please ask if you have a need for something not listed:

  • Additional windows. As standard we supply windows with lockable security shutters, but if security is not an issue let us know. They will be cheaper without the shutters.
  • Heaters. You can of course plug in an electric heater, but if you want one fitted on its own spur then we can do this for you.
  • Flooring. Containers will have a ply floor as standard. We can quote for a vinyl floor covering if required. A lot of customers prefer to fit their own flooring after delivery.
  • Divider walls. A divider wall can be used to split the space inside the container. By using one of these you can use half the container as an office and the other half for storage (accessible via the cargo doors). Alternatively you can split the space into 2 offices with a divider wall, adding an additional window and personnel door to create 2 self-contained spaces.
  • Personnel doors. We always use high-security steel personnel doors. You may need a second one if you are splitting the space into 2 offices. Some sites have a need for 2 doors to allow access to different areas outside the office.
  • Staircases. If you need to stack an office on top of another, or on top of a storage container, we’ll be able to supply one of our standard staircases. We can even build one to suit your needs if you need to squeeze it into an unusual space.
  • Skylights – available from some of our yards only.

We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and quote for either a basic standard office or one customised to your requirements.

For a full quote to your requirements please give us a call on 0808 1234 215 or fill in an enquiry form on our Contact Us page.


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