20ft Shipping Containers (Used)

Unpainted Interior of Used Container
Unpainted Interior of Used Container
Product Reference: 2070
  • 20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • For site storage or export use
  • Wind & watertight guaranteed
  • Corten steel construction (COR-TEN A grade)
  • Double cargo doors at one end (open fully is 7′ 8” wide x 7′ 6” high)
  • Checked and repaired prior to sale with fully intact floors, good doors & door seals
  • CSC plate valid for 6-months min. (export use)
  • Circa 28mm thick marine plywood floor
  • Prices vary between UK locations
Price from: £1,150.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 2070 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

The above pictures are examples of used 20ft shipping containers that we have sold in the past. As standard, we always source our used 20ft shipping containers directly from major shipping lines, leasing companies, or their appointed agents. We won’t be offering you a shipping container that has been previously purchased used, and then used by that customer for several years as on-site storage without making it clear to you.

Generally speaking, the 20ft shipping containers that have been purchased ‘used’, and then used by a site for a few years have a much shorter lifespan.

All 20ft shipping containers are checked over in our UK depots and if necessary repaired to a good standard before sale. When buying from us you are guaranteed a structurally sound, wind & watertight shipping container with good working doors, fully intact door seals, and a solid floor. All shipping container floors are made from circa 28mm thick marine-grade plywood.

If you are new to used shipping containers, this video will give you a brief tour and an idea of what to expect from a used 20ft shipping container purchased from us:

Ideal for a wide range of secure storage options the used 20ft shipping containers are our most popular range. Great for garden machinery, allotment storage, or as a tool shed or man cave, to help empty a garage or spare room full of junk and reclaim it. For commercial customers, we see these used for additional stock storage, a base of operations for tradespeople, small workshop units, paint rooms, tool and machinery stores, and more.

Sold after typically 10-15 years of use these used 20ft shipping containers are sold in their original shipping line liveries or colours, they will have some dents, scratches and some surface rust. Their cosmetics will vary from one container to the next so we do not guarantee the cosmetics on any of our used containers. If you need a smarter-looking 20ft shipping container we do suggest talking to us about our refurbished or new ranges.

Your 20ft shipping container will be structurally sound so there is no chance of this rusting away or you being able to put your foot through the sides of one of these containers. These 20ft shipping containers are all built from Corten (COR-TEN A grade) steel – an anti-rust alloy of steel. When rust does form on Corten steel it is non-porous (it won’t let water through the rust) meaning the metal underneath the surface rust is protected, which in turn means that these containers will last an extremely long time.

If you are using them for storage use, we can fit a lockbox (padlock cover or cowl) and we also sell Shipping Container padlocks such as our insurance rated Squire padlock.  Fitting a lock box and using a good quality padlock ensures a good secure unit.

For export use, we will have these used 20ft shipping containers checked and repaired in our depot. The container will be released from our depot with a minimum 6-month CSC validity (Export approval) on container at the time of sale. Typically, we have stocks of used 20ft shipping containers ready from our depots in as little as 24-hours. As all depots store containers in stacks, we cannot guarantee the colour of the container and cannot ask the depot to ‘drop everything’ to cherry pick a unit. Please note, we cannot provide pictures of containers.

Technical Information for 20ft shipping containers

Please note whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, some measurements (notably internal measurements) can vary slightly with the development and modernisation of manufacturing techniques over time. We recommend considering a circa 1 inch (2.5cm) tolerance. Where possible we have given a range on known variations in dims between ranges but we can’t guarantee this to be totally accurate for all ranges. If you have a specific sized problem or item to load that’s near these dims please double check with us in advance and if needs be we will get someone to measure the exact container for you.

Length 20ft (6.058-6.096m)
Width 8ft (2.43-2.45m)
Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m)
Length 19ft 4ins (5.898m)
Width 7ft 8ins (2.33-2.35m)
Height 7ft 10ins (2.38-2.39m)
Door Opening
Width 7ft 8ins (2.33-2.38m)
Height 7ft 6ins (2.28m)
Floor Area 150sqft (13.93m²)
Cubic Capacity 1172 cu ft (33.18m3)
Weight 1.8-2.4 tons (1800-2400 Kgs)
Max Cargo (Export only) 21500 Kgs – 28,235 Kgs (Different max cargo weights available)
Fork Pockets
Width 1ft 2ins (360mm)
Height 4 1/2ins (115mm)
Centre to Centre 6ft 9ins +/- 2ins (2050mm +/- 50mm)

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