30ft shipping container shelving kit 1, 1-side

  • Shelving and racking bays
  • Heavy duty, quality build
  • Wide range of size options
  • Each shelf can take 600kg UDL
  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Protective feet
  • Choice of colours and shelving
Price from: £904.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 6099

Product Description

Shelving kit to fill one side of a 30ft shipping container

This 30ft Racking kit will fill one side of a standard 30ft shipping container and leave approx 400mm (40cm) free wall space left over from the full length. These are top quality heavy duty shelving kits. They require no specialist tool to build (just a mallet) and it will typically take 2 people circa 10 minutes to build each rack.

With up to 600Kgs rated max capacity per shelf these are genuine heavy duty shelves that should offer flexible options for almost any domestic, commercial or industrial setting.

This is only an example kit. We have plenty of different shelving options including white melamine shelving, catering spec stainless steel shelving and wire mesh shelving. We also have a huge range of unit size options covering different widths, heights and depths of shelf so if you need something more specialised please contact us and we can look to design a bespoke solution for you.

These kits are very simple to build. they take no special tools (just a mallet) and will take 2 people approx 20 minutes per shelving unit to build after one or two practice runs. We have details instructions on how to build and install our racking kits in our recent blog post. We also have this brief instructional video showing the shelving units we offer and how to build them:


2 setup options for our 30ft shipping container shelving kits: 

Our first kit is 7320mm in length, leaving around 1660mm of free space at the door end of the container. For this option, we recommend 4 racking bays that are 1980h x 1830w x 455d (mm) in size.

Our second kit is 8540mm in length, leaving around 400mm of free space at the door end of the container. For this, we recommend 7 racking bays that are 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm) in size. For this option, we recommend 7 racking bays that are 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm).

Supplied with 4 heavy duty chipboard shelves per bay as standard, the top shelf must always sit right at the top of the rack for stability. These units can be supplied with 5 or 6 shelves if required at a small additional cost. Shelves are adjustable. Full instructions are provided with every shelving unit.

Small volume orders / individual kits are usually held in stock and can be delivered at 1-2 working days notice.

Other racking options for a 30ft container include racking kit 2 which runs down both sides of the container and racking kit 3 which runs down both sides of the container and across the non-door end too.

Shipping Container Shelving Kit Prices: 

For 4-bays of shelving 1980h x 1830w x 455d (mm), the cost is £904.00 + VAT.

For 7-bays of shelving 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm), the cost is £1,407.00 + VAT.

Budget Price Promise – if you get a cheaper quote for the same racking we’ll meet or beat it.

Shelving Kit Colour Options 

Blue Steel with Blue Shelving

Blue Steel with Grey Shelving

Blue Steel with Orange Shelving

Grey Steel with Grey Shelving

Shelving Construction Options

Chipboard as standard

White Melamine (at additional cost – £POA)

Galvanized Panels (at additional cost – £POA)

Wire Mesh (at additional cost – £POA)

Shipping Container Shelving Delivery

Orders received and paid for by midday arrive next business day in most instances. All orders are shipped via courier – we commonly can’t offer exact ETAs on deliveries unless its a large order. We do ask our drivers to call ahead offering circa 1 hours notice of arrival on the day. All orders over £300.00 delivered FOC to England, Scotland (excluding the Highlands and Islands) and Wales.

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