30ft shipping container shelving kit 3, 2-sides + end

  • Shelving and racking bays
  • Heavy duty, quality build
  • Wide range of size options
  • Each shelf can take 600kg UDL
  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Protective feet
  • Choice of colours and shelving
Price from: £2,009.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 6101

Product Description

We’re offering some shelving suggestions for you but, you are free to choose your own specification from our extensive range of shelving options.

Our range of shipping container racking features heavy-duty shelving and is ideal for making the maximum usage of the container space. The easy assembly design of this shelving means you’re not wasting time fiddling around with nuts and bolts, all you need for assembly is a rubber mallet.

Shelves have a pitch adjustability of 38.1mm allowing you to space your shelves to suit most requirements. Shelf 4 is always placed at the top of the uprights to ensure stability so, if you require 5 or 6 shelves per bay this is available for a slight additional cost, please make this clear when ordering or requesting firm quote and we can get this firmed up for you.

Assembly instructions are provided along with tie-plates so each bay can be tethered to its neighbor for improved stability. You can also view this brief video showing the racking units we offer and how to build it.

30ft Shipping Container Shelving. 2 setup options for you: 

Our first kit is 7320 mm in length, leaving around 1660mm of free space at the door end of the container. For this option, we recommend 4 racking bays per side that are 1980h x 1830w x 455d (mm) in size + 1-bay that is 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm) in size for the non-door end of the container.

Our second kit is 8540mm in length, leaving around 400mm of free space at the door end of the container. For this option, we recommend 14 racking bays that are 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm) + 1-bay that is 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm) in size for the non-door end of the container.

Supplied with 4 heavy duty chipboard shelves per bay as standard, our shelving kits are easy to assemble and just require two people and a rubber mallet to assemble the units.

However, if you are ordering a 30ft refurbished container, the container length can vary by about +/- 120mm so, we recommend that we check the internal length of this container prior to ordering your shelving. (If your asking us to supply the container as well, as long as we know you are also ordering the racking we will of course ensure that they fit. You must please make this clear to us at the point you are ordering any shipping container to ensure we can have the right chance to make sure our racking package fits your container)

For this option, the non-door end rack is 1220mm wide to fit in a gap of 1440mm (assuming you place the start of the side racks against the non-door end panel) leaving around 200mm of space.

Other racking options for a 30ft container include racking kit 2 which runs down both sides of the container and racking kit 1 which runs down one side of the container.

These heavy duty shelving units offer a huge 600kg UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) per shelf – ideal for a wide range of domestic and industrial uses and also offering maximum long term flexibility.

YouThese kits are very simple to install, they need no special tools (just a mallet) and 2 people to build You can read more on the construction process in our online instructional on building and installing our shipping container shelving ranges.

30ft Shipping Container Shelving Prices

For 8-bays of shelving 1980h x 1830w x 455d (mm) + 1-bay of 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm), the cost is £2,009.00 + VAT.

For 14-bays of shelving 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm) + 1-bay of 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm), the cost is £3,015.00 + VAT.

Budget Price Promise – if you get a cheaper quote for the same racking we’ll meet or beat it.

Container Shelving Colour Options 

Blue Steel with Blue Shelving

Blue Steel with Grey Shelving

Blue Steel with Orange Shelving

Grey Steel with Grey Shelving

Container Shelving Options

Chipboard as standard

White Melamine (at additional cost – £POA)

Galvanized Panels (at additional cost – £POA)

Wire Mesh (at additional cost – £POA)


All prices include delivery to England, Scotland (excluding the Highlands and Islands) and Wales. When in stock, orders placed and paid for prior to midday are quite often shipped that day for a next working day delivery. When placing orders that are under £300.00 delivery will be charged.

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