4-Tier Shelving Bracket for Shipping Containers

  • Neat bracket system hangs from the lashing rings on the top rail of a shipping container
  • Bracket only, does not include planks for shelving
  • No Bolting or welding
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Rated 500 Kgs per Shelf Bracket
  • Rated 250 Kgs per Shelf Arm
  • Each bracket is 4.8Kgs
Price from: £120.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

These neat shelving brackets simply attach to the cargo lashing rings on the top rail of your shipping container. You hang them off, add planks or shelving base and you are ready to go.  This hanging design also ensures there is no risk from top heavy shelving units falling over. Please note we do not supply the planks / boards.

These are a relatively lightweight design compared to our heavy duty shelving option. Each bracket is rated to max 250 Kgs – which gives you a max shelf capacity of 500 Kgs, but only if the bracket is supporting one set of shelves. If one bracket is the centre shelf support between 2 other brackets then your max load per shelf will be reduced.

However this is ideal for a wide range of customers who do not have a huge amount of gear to store or any significant weights. They are very quick and easy to install and can be easily moved around your container as may be required.

3 Brackets can help fill one side of a 20ft shipping container with shelving, but if loading more weight you may require 4 or 5 shelving brackets. Standard 20ft containers will come with 5 lashing points on the top rail of a container. We are always happy to check an individual container for you in advance of purchase if we are also supplying your shipping container. These can always be ordered in after you have your shipping container on site.

If ordering a side opening container or another non standard container, you may want to double check the number and positioning of any lashing points before ordering your shelving. The same may apply if having the container converted at all (eg having additional doors or windows fitted) to ensure that the shelving brackets don’t interfere with the door or window operation. If buying the container fro us we can always check the number of lashing points on a specific container for you in advance.

Prices include delivery via courier to mainland UK sites. Smaller orders are usually available from stock at 1-2 working days notice.

4 Tier Shipping Container Shelving Bracket Prices:

2x Shipping Container Shelf Brackets (4-tier) £120 + VAT

3x Shipping Container Shelf Brackets (4-tier) £175 + VAT

4x Shipping Container Shelf Brackets (4-tier) £230 + VAT

5x Shipping Container Shelf Brackets (4 tier) £285 + VAT

6x Shipping Container Shelf Brackets (4-tier) £340 + VAT

Prices include UK mainland delivery (except highlands)

Bulk orders welcome, please contact us to discuss if you want a volume order.


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