40ft (12m) Container Canopy 6m Wide

  • 6 Metres (20ft) of covered space between 2x 40ft shipping containers
  • 5 Year Manufacturer warranty
  • High Tensile Structural Steel frame complying with BS4360 or EN1000025
  • Composite 2 cross-woven HDPE cover.
  • UV coating (typically white externally/silver internally)
  • 70% light transition unlike other more opaque canopies
  • Snow loading complies with BS EN 1191-1-3:2003
  • Wind Loading Complies with BS EN 1991-1-4:2005
  • Relatively simple to build, detailed step by step instructions provided
  • High quality construction
Price from: £6,795.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Budget Shipping Containers smallest canopy is our 12m x 6m container canopies. Built and re-designed for the UK market these shelters allow the user a good amount of covered space at an exceptionally good price. Designed to be erected between two 40ft shipping containers these canopies can provide temporary or semi-permanent covered storage or working spaces for your site and will usually require no planning permission to erect. They are straightforward to build, dismantle and move as required.

Ideal for a huge range of uses these can offer covered workshop space for a huge range of options or temporary or permanent storage space for everything from aggregates to aeroplanes. We can also offer to convert or modify this shipping containers used at the base of the canopy. these can easily become offices, break or rest rooms, secure tool lockups and more.

The canopy structure is built 75mm square box sections max 2 metres long. These canopies are the strongest ones we’ve seen readily available (and with manufacturer support) in the UK. The circular roof design provides additional strength in high winds and allows for snow loading, and the entire structure is built from easy to manage, and cost effective to replace, 2m sections. Allowing for straightforward management of ongoing maintenance.

We can also provide an assembly service (at additional cost) however the majority of our customers to date have taken on their own build. Building will require minimum 3 people and you will require the capacity to work safely at heights. You will need to be able to lift components such as the roof arches as high as 8 metres on our largest canopies whilst building.

We can also offer linking kits to allow you to build a longer structure to fit any multiple of 20ft or 40ft shipping containers you want.

When erected off two standard height 40ft shipping containers (8’6” high or 2590mm) this 6m wide canopy will stand 2300mm higher than the roofs of the containers at its tallest point offering a good 4890mm from the floor to the tip of the arch. Perfect for covered workshops, well ventilated work areas or really any job that you want cover for but need a good throughflow of air (paintshop, welding, fabrication etc.) and, if you don’t want both ends open, we have the end options further down the page for half enclosed ends, fully enclosed ends and even zip access door options!

Basic Assembly Considerations.

The shipping containers must be placed the correct distance apart before building the canopy. The canopy and the containers must be parallel. If there is a 6 metre gap between the containers at one and and a 5.5 metre gap at the other end, you will not be able to correctly fit the canopy.

The containers should also be as level as they can with each other. – this is advised for basic container operation and is essential with a canopy on the top too! There is some give in the design for a slight slope but you should plan to have these on a flat, level base.

The canopy will arrive in a circa 2 tonne steel cradle, you will require a forklift or similar to take this from our delivery truck.

Specialist equipment required

To build this canopy you will require:

  • Access to welder or fabricator
  • Forklift or telehandler with 8m lift capable of working on the ground on and around your canopy.
  • Safe working at height equipment min 6 metres high, eg a scissor lift capable of working on the ground where your shelter is being built.
  • Angle Grinder with cutting and grinding blades
  • Minimum 3 people required to build.

Step by step assembly instructions are included with each purchase including a complete list of tools needed. The above are the major specialised items that a lot of customers may not have access to. Working heights quoted are based on building your canopy on a single standard height shipping container. If building on high cube containers or double stacked shipping containers you will need to adjust the height requirements from this page.

How will these container canopies perform with UK weather.

Built originally by an Australian engineering company, we have adapted to meet UK and EU legislation and have been in wide use across europe for some years.

In terms of general maintenance its important that the canopy cover remains tightly tensioned at all times. The canopy will not split or fail, but the circular roof structure can act as  a sail in high winds. For this reason its important to secure the whole structure, either by anchoring the containers or by adding ballast into the shipping containers. We recommend periodic inspections to ensure the canopy remains well tensioned.

Door and end Wall Options

These canopies can come with a wide range of end wall options.

We can offer fully closed end walls, partial end walls or Dee panels (covered from the level of the container roof line upwards) and we can offer a zip-up end wall which allows for access wia a heavy duty zip opening*

  • Partial End Wall to suit 6m canopy £1,245.00+ VAT additional
  • Full End Wall to suit 6m canopy £1,795.00+ VAT additional
  • Full End Wall with Zip Access Door* to suit 6m canopy £POA*

Full end wall options are all based on standard height (8ft 6 high) shipping containers.

*6mtr zip up door is 4.5m wide x 3.0m high in the centre of the panel.

Delivery excluded from all prices quoted. Installation service available at additional cost.

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