40ft High Cube Non-Operational Refrigerated Container London (Used)

Only 1 left !
  • 40ft long x 8ft wide x 9ft 6 high storage container.
  • Ex refrigerated container with excellent level of insulation / condensation free storage.
  • Old refrigerated engine has been stripped and is not repairable.
  • One off offer, once sold we have no more available at this price.
  • Available now from our London depot.
  • Food grade interior (stainless steel wall and roof panels, aluminum T-bar floor)
  • Pictures shown are the exact unit on offer.
Price from: £3,300.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

This used, non operational refrigerated container is ready to go in our London depot.

This can offer the right customer excellent quality condensation free storage. The internals are built to a food grade standard with stainless steel internal panels, and an aluminum T-bat floor. This is designed to be jet washed out between cargo moves and will be much easier to regularly clean versus a standard shipping container.

The level of insulation in a used refrigerated container is considerably better than a job to line out and insulate a normal shipping container, and this also comes in much cheaper overall at only £350 premium on our standard used 40ft high cube prices, when a line out and rockwool insulation job to a used high cube will come in close to £2000 + VAT (prices for the ply lining will vary slightly depending on the exact spec used including thickness of plywood used)

Ideal for a wide range of storage uses this will be especially good for any form of ambient food storage, or any storage where you need a condensation free environment for storage (paperwork archives, fine furniture, fabrics and textiles and more)

This is a one off offer. Once sold we have no more used non-operational 40ft refrigerated shipping containers to offer or in the pipeline at this time. Generally these are very rare units to acquire. A Refrigerated shipping container requires the right type of damage to it that makes the engine not viable to repair, whist still having a strong chassis and the rest of the container remaining in good condition to offer quality storage.

This is also not suitable for shipping as some of the damage to the engine end of the unit is not being repaired. These repairs are not required for a good quality storage unit.

Photos taken are the exact container on offer, but being a small tight yard they were unable to get pictures of all sides for us. we are advised to expect some minor rippling on the long sides. This will not effect the containers suitability to store your goods well or remain weatherproof, and this is not uncommon on used refrigerated containers.

As with everything we sell, this non-operational refrigerated shipping container is sold with our 12 month wind and watertight guarantee.

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