40ft Open Top Shipping Containers (Used)

Product Reference: 2253
  • 40ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • Open top containers come with removable tarpaulin and supporting bars
  • Ideal for specialised export use or storage of oversize items
  • Typically for export use, can be used for site storage
  • Minimum 6 month CSC plate on used units
  • Marine plywood floor
  • Original purpose built open top units (not converted from standard containers)
  • Circa 30 tonne max payload
Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 2253 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

These 40ft open top shipping containers are typically used for the export of oversize items, or items you needs to load through the roof of the container instead of the side.

As these are more expensive, and we would consider of a lower quality for site storage use than a typical used dry van (standard) shipping container, the only site storage options we have come across to date are for the storage of gliders that can have wings removed but were also to high so store in a 40ft high cube container – however these many also suit for other specialised applications

We have options for standard tarps, custom made oversize tarps for extra high cargo or even removable hard tops. All units with tarps come with removable crossbars to support the tarp.

We typically have stock of our used 40ft open top units in a few depots across the UK. As they generally appear wherever the shipping lines want to drop them off this does frequently change – although you can expect reliable and regular stocks in our major port locations like Felixstowe, London and Liverpool.

All of our 40ft open tops are original, i.e. they were purpose built as open tops and not converted from standard units. with notice we can offer converted units also which offer a small saving in many cases – although they have a reduced payload and we need to ensure they are suitable for your job so please get in touch.

We are frequently asked for high cube open top containers and this is a very tricky one. Some of the major shipping lines started to put these into their own fleets around 2008-2010, and as we typically expect the shipping line to start selling them off in 10-15 years after sourcing them on we don’t expect these to hit the used market for some time.

In many cases an oversize tarp can mean you can use a standard height open top container for your cargo – or in some cases a converted 40ft high cube container may work for you.

Typically the used options are only available with a tarp (as this is what the shipping line use when they are in service) – however depending on your need and budget anything’s possible so please get in touch to discuss your project and we can make recommendations for you.

New one trip 40ft open top shipping containers are also available but we’d strongly suggest you contact us for an accurate quote and professional advise.

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