40ft Shipping Container Insulation Kit

  • Insulation kits for 40ft and 40ft high cube shipping containers
  • Prevents condensation build up inside a 40ft container
  • Prevents cold bridging
  • 4mm thick, similar performance to 25mm of polystyrene
  • Easy 45 minute install (2 people)
  • No special tools, all materials provided
  • Suitable for domestic storage containers as well as export containers
  • UK Mainland delivery included – exclusions apply
  • Bulk Discounts available
  • European deliveries available (please contact us to check delivery costs)
Price from: £450.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 6978 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

These 40ft shipping container insulation kits are a great way to either reduce any condensation build up in a storage container, or to save money on refrigerated container costs for certain export cargo.

These insulation sheets are 4mm thick but will work similarly well to 55mm of polystyrene. Supplied in measured out rolls complete with sticky backing tape you simply need to ensure the internal container surface is clean and free of dirt, dust and moisture – then stick the side with tape to the inside walls and roof of our container and then you are done! it really is that simple. (All tape is included within the insulation kit package)

Moreover this is very easy to install on any shipping container, almost anywhere in the world. No need for nasty chemicals or for delays to your shipping container deliveries whilst your Grafotherm dries, and unlike Grafotherm if and when your done with it you can simply pull this liner out.

The thermal barrier slows the rate at which the internal air cools down, and it’s this slowing down of any cooling that prevents the condensation build up. The air bubble in the centre of the insulation material also prevents cold bridging across the insulation.

It will take 2 people approx 30 minutes per 20ft container to install or approx 45 mins for a 40ft container. No special tools or equipment are required. Once the inside is clean and dry – simply peel of the backing from the tape, we suggest a broom can help stick the insulation to the corrugated walls. You use the broom to push the backing tape into the corrugated sections. If it’s early morning and there is already condensation on the inside of your container roof, let your shipping container air for a few hours before then applying your insulation.

Our basic insulation kit does not include any insulation panel for the floor. For static storage containers we recommend that this is not needed. If you are exporting temperature or condensation sensitive cargo in refrigerated shipping containers and are thinking of switching over to these please contact us, we do have a more detailed range for exporters and can advise on suitability for you.

40ft Shipping Container Insulation Kit Prices

Please see the table below for our prices on our 40ft shipping container insulation kits. all prices include UK mainland delivery Highlands & Islands extra. Smaller orders are usually delivered direct from stock at 2-3 working days notice.

Standard 40ft Insulation Kit (no Floor) £450 + VAT
Standard 40ft Insulation Kit (with floor) £530 + VAT
40ft High Cube insulation Kit (no Floor) £480 + VAT
40ft High Cube Insulation Kit (with floor) £560 + VAT

If you need more information about how to install this insulation kit, please feel free to check out our article on how to install our insulation kits

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