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Cladded Security Cabin or Gatehouse

  • 8ft x 6ft Mini contianerised gatehouse or security hut container.
  • Wood clad externally
  • high security personnel access door
  • 2x windows
  • Lined and insulated
  • Electrics including 2x double sockets, heater and strip light
  • Carpet tile flooring
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight.
Price from: £3,250.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 8826

Product Description

This cladded 8ft x 6ft unit is idea as a gatehouse or security hut, but could be put to many different uses. Made to order, we can easily alter the specs to meet your own specification. We can produce these to your own custom specification. You can choose the type of lining materials, the type of flooring, the number and position of windows, the position of electrical points, light switches and the external PTO (power connection). We can also add windows with anti vandal shutters, serving hatches and more if required.

These don’t need to be a security hut or gatehouse, with a sealed vinyl floor and perhaps a small serving hatch fitted these can also work as a small food and drinks stand or similar. This might also make an excellent mini golf cabin, or smaller event site unit. In this industry we are also very used to customers wanting a unit for a use that we haven’t yet thought of!

Prices shown are for a used unit with basic ply-lining, if you alter the specification this will change the overall price. These units are made to order with a typical 2-4 week lead time. Our lead time will vary slightly with how busy we are at the time of your order and how involved your exact conversion project it.

These units are ideal for any site that wants a smart, neat cabin unit to act as a base for members of staff. They require electricity for the lights, sockets and heater but they are otherwise self contained. We can arrive, lift them on and they are ready to ‘plug and go’ in minutes.

All containers with electrics from Budget Shipping Containers can come with a Transportable Building Electrical Installation Schedule Certificate – this is an Electrical Test Certificate saying we’ve fitted, plugged in and tested all components on your container at our premise and checked they work (this excludes the ‘electrics pack’ which is a self-fit option on our flat pack containers but these components are manufacture tested and only supplied brand new) You will require a qualified electrician to connect all containers to your own electrics once on site and should you need a further Electrical Certificate specific to your site, the electrician you have installing will be able to provide this test certificate (Formal electrical test certificates are only valid at the address they are undertaken, so we cannot provide this certificate prior delivery.) As standard the Electrical Test Certs we supply will be a carbon copy of the signed document typically inside the container. Copies may be available on request.

These units can also be offered without cladding ,which will reduce the cost if the cladding is not wanted or required.

The unit advertised is made from a used shipping container. Everything we convert and sell is guaranteed for 12 months, but you should be expecting a 10+ year serviceable lifespan from a unit like this. We can also make this from a one trip (new) shipping container. This will add to the cost but it will also dramatically increase the expected serviceable lifespan to 20+ years.

And as this is a self contained and portable structure, this can move and develop with your site. If you move sites, you can take this with you, or if you develop your site you can move this around as required for a very small cost compared to a fixed structure. If any new site comes with an equivalent gatehouse, a unit like this will always retain a value for resale.

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