ConFoot Shipping Container Legs

  • Legs hold container at truck height
  • Strong, sturdy, well tested design
  • Have your container delivered, attach your legs, allow the truck to drive off
  • Can be used in loading bays (CFP Model)
  • Max gross container weight 30 tonnes
  • 2 Year manufacturer guarantee
  • Nominal height 1043-1448 mm
  • 3 Models available (see below)
  • Circa 3 week lead time
Price from: £2,220.00 +VAT

How to Order

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We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Proudly partnered with ConFoot, now offer ConFoot shipping container legs, a Finnish design that has been in use across Europe for some time.

Capable of holding 30 tonne (gross weight) containers, these legs can be attached to a container truck whilst the truck is loaded. Fix the legs on and driver the truck pull away to leave your container at truck height. This allows you to load or unload the container in your own time and may be ideal for sites that have regular container deliveries they can then ‘swap over’ – saving the truck from waiting whilst the container is loaded or unloaded.  These confoot container legs are very easy to use and only requires 1 person to operate. You can see more in this brief video.

Shipping container legs are fantastic for anyone loading or unloading containers at any sites that has large volumes or trailer swaps, great for adding a bit of extra storage space to a warehouse with a spare loading bay, or for customers who want to spend a long time loading their containers who also don’t like paying for regular and expensive Sidelifter haulage or for trailer rental costs if you want your container on site for a few days at a time.

Also ideal for anyone trying to run any form of container operation. Haulage companies who might want the capacity to swap containers between trucks and trailers without very expensive handling equipment, which itself requires regular servicing, licences and training.

There are 3 main ranges available:

CF Model (Basic / most popular model)

34 Tonne gross weight capacity, ideal for use with all standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers in an open yard environment. The legs clip into the bottom corner castings. A very strong magnet clasp above the corner casting also aids fixing the leg into place.

Priced at €2650 (converted to Sterling at time of order) plus shipping, + VAT circa 3 week lead time. (Circa £2220 + VAT based on Feb 2022 conversion figures).

CFL Model

34 tonne max gross container capacity, this unit is specially designed to hold up shipping containers which have twistlocks set back from the container wall, normally 45ft containers.

Priced at €2650 (converted to Sterling at time of order) plus shipping, + VAT circa 3 week lead time. (Circa £2220 + VAT based on Feb 2022 conversion figures).

CFP Model

With a 30 tonne capacity, this model is designed specifically for use in loading bays where you will want the doors open 270 degrees (i.e. all the way open). As you can see from the close ups the leg stops below the shipping container door line. (the removal of the magnet from the CF model allows for this)

Priced at €2650 (converted to Sterling at time of order) plus shipping, + VAT circa 3 week lead time. (Circa £2220 + VAT all in based on Feb 2022 conversion figures).

Delivery Costs

Delivery to any UK mainland address For any ConFoot legs is at €450 +VAT (converted to Sterling at time of order) per pallet, with a pallet taking up to 3 sets of legs.

Bulk enquiries welcome.


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