Insulation Kits for Flat Pack Containers

Made to Order
Product Reference: 10100
  • Self fit insulation kit for our range of standard flat pack storage containers
  • Prevents condensation build up inside flat pack storage containers
  • Very easy to fit
  • Can be cut and worked around other extra fittings, eg shelving.
  • Comes in pre cut panels
  • Thermal tape included to seal all seams between panels, and around any additional fittings (eg shelving)
  •  Typical 3-4 working day delivery.
Price from: £185.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 10100 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

New for 2021, we are pleased to introduce a new version of our shipping container insulation kits, now available for our standard range of flat pack storage containers.  This 4mm thick material is made from exactly the same material we use in our shipping container insulation kits. It performs similarly to 55m of polystyrene insulation in terms of slowing heat loss from your storage container. This significant slowing of the heat escaping prevents any condensation build up inside your container as it cools overnight.

This makes these units ideal for storing any condensation sensitive goods. Paperwork archives, fabrics and textiles, furniture, finished stock ready to go into a retail environment, foodstuffs and more.

The flat pack insulation kit is made of lots of very small ‘cells’, which can be cut if necessary, allowing you to work this around shelving or other internal fixtures or fittings. You can easily cut the material with a set of good kitchen scissors, and there is a lot of spare thermal tape with each kit to allow for most customisations (each roll of tape is 50 meters, the same length we send out for a 20ft shipping container)

The kit arrives in pre cut panels to fit your container. Each panel has large strips of thermal bonding tape applied to the back (think of this as industrial grade sticky back plastic) and this will only stick better over time (tape may come loose if the panels are regularly disturbed over time but this can be replaced pretty easily). For the inside of the door you get 1 panel that will need cutting to allow for the door to open. A Stanley knife or a good set of kitchen scissors can cut this material without a problem. Each panel may need trimming down a few mm to size.

We have always found it easier to fit with 2 people. One person holds one end of each panel into place, whilst the other person pulls off the backing from the bonding tape, and sticks it to the container. We recommend using a broom to help fit this to a shipping container, and this would be the same for the larger kits, but the smaller flat packs this may not be needed as the container side and end panels are much smaller (circa 2m square) and very easy to manage.

This how to fit video is available on our YouTube channel but also gives you a detailed idea of what the kit is like and the options available:

Orders processed and paid for before midday will commonly be with you within 3 working days. This is a new product for us and these are all cut and made to order in our UK site.

These kits are currently available only for our standard range of flat pack storage containers, this does not include the Quick Build range, or any of our garden storage cabinet / shed ranges of flat packs. We hope to be able to offer insulation kits on these ranges soon . If you need an insulation kit for something else please let us know as we may be able to offer a custom made kit.

Please note the floor in most of these images is a bamboo floor fitted by the customer and this does not come with the flat pack storage container. (all our flat packs come with a ply / OSB floor as standard with a steel frame underneath)

Premium Eco-quilt Insulation

Our standard option is for a 4mm thick insulation option that works similarly to 55mm of polystyrene and comes without a floor panel.

prices below are for this option.

We can offer kits with a floor panel option if needed, we recommend this if you want more than to just prevent condensation build up inside your container, eg if you need to limit temperature fluctuations internally.

We also offer a premium eco-quilt option, this is a bit thicker, has more layers and works similarly to 80mm of polystyrene insulation. This we suggest if you need to seriously limit temperature fluctuations or if you want a VIP insulation performance. If you would like prices for any of these options please get in touch and we will confirm prices for any option you want here.

More info on these options and the different materials are shown near the beginning of our insulation kit video.

Prices for Flat Pack Container insulation kits.

2x2m kit:  £185 + VAT

2x3m kit   £220 + VAT

2x4m kit   £250 + VAT

Prices include UK mainland delivery (excluding highlands) Bulk discounts available on order volumes of 6 or more kits.

Custom pricing available for other configurations, (you can use the linking kits to join multiple flat pack containers together, and let us know if this is the case and we can get you a special price for a kit to fit your final layout)

How to order these insulation kits

Of course if you have any questions you are welcome to call and speak to our team at any time.

Currently we only offer a manual order process for these kits, so please email us letting us know which kit you would like. We need to know your full invoice address including any company or organization name, and we need the delivery address. Please ensure your delivery address is able to receive a courier address (ie its staffed). We also like to ask for a contact name and number at the site to pass onto the courier firm incase they have any problems finding you.

The kit is reasonably small when it arrives and can fit on the back seat, or in the boot of an average car without fuss. If your container location is not staffed, its very easy to ask for this to be delivered to an address you know will be able to receive this kit.

Fitting these kits around shelfing and other fittings.

This is very possible. The standard kit is made of lots of small ‘cells’ so you can cut and work the material as long as you use the thermal tape to ensure any edges cut are taped up afterwards. The product photos showing the shelving and insulation kit were sent in by one of our customers who did exactly this.

Tip direct from our customer is doing this:

The key point is to do one side at at time, marking the position of the shelves before putting up the insulation (photo showing marking the container is shown in the product images). This makes it easier to find the exact position to cut. Then you move onto the next. Obviously you have to choose what height you want the shelves as you can’t change this after insulation with cutting more to find this out.




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