Jackleg Cabins 30ft and 32ft x 10ft Nationwide (New)

Made to Order
Product Reference: 12492
  • 30ft x 10ft and 32ft x 10ft Jackleg cabins available for sale.
  • Guaranteed Wind & Watertight
  • 10ft and 12ft wide options
  • High security design
  • Easy instillation
  • Made to order in the UK.
  • Bespoke setups and layouts very common for us to undertake
  • 35mm wall insulation, 100mm roof insulation as standard (upgrade-able)
  • Jacklegs allow for leveling of the container on uneven surfaces
  • Lined and insulated with electrics
  • Nationwide crane equipped delivery available
Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 12492 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

30ft Jackleg Cabins for sale

We have a wide range of jackleg cabin option of different sizes, all made brand new to order in the UK. These are high quality units ideal for a range of temporary and semi-permanent offices or site facility units. These are also all available in 12ft wide options if needed as well (Subject to suitable access at your site for delivery, and subject to slight additional costs)

Popular for offices, these are also idea for temporary classrooms, kitchen facilities, welfare cabins and break rooms, First aid rooms, security posts. We can also offer these as kiosks, food service units or concession stands.

Built as new items, these are capable of offering many years of quality use with minimal maintenance. everything sold is covered by our 12 months guarantee against leaks or naturally occurring defects.

Available in 10ft AND 12ft wide options (2ft and 4ft wider than a shipping container respectively), the extra width makes a big difference to the internal space and the flexibility of use. The legs also allow for levelling of the jackleg cabin on uneven ground meaning this can be placed on almost any firm ground.

These cabins are all made to order, meaning there is a high degree of customisation you can apply for any specific use. This may include kitchenette unit at one end with sink, cupboards, plug sockets and basic hand washing water boiler – Allowing for tea making and hand washing (fresh and wastewater connections required) we can even add in toilet cubicles with internal or external access. Partitions to make multiple individual offices or other rooms, as well as additional internal or external doors and windows. Please bear in mind sinks, shower and toilets will usually require a site that has fresh and wastewater connections available.

Available in a range of different lengths, our standard specification has external secure steel multi locking doors, 70mm casement uPVC double glazed windows, LED strip lights with a 1.5kW eco panel heater. Some images show similar spec cabins of different sizes made by the same manufacturer. If you want a cabin like this but a different size, we can do this, please contact us and ask.

Standard 30ft / 32ft Jackleg Cabin Specifications

30ft / 32ft Jackleg Construction and Internals:

The main roof and floor frame is built from 100 x 50mm timber joists, with the walls made from steel structural frame. This external frame has plastisol coated steel on the outside wall, 100x 35mm timber stud walls with insulation in the cavities, and internal vinyl faced with plasterboard for a clean wipe clean internal surface.  The floor has 18mm WBP flooring ply layer, single foiltec insulation layer and vinyl floor covering on top to finish. The roof is built almost exactly the same as the walls with wider joists allowing for a 50mm insulation layer in the roof. Insulation and other aspects of the structure can be upgraded if required / requested.

Windows as standard are 1067 x 1067mm sq., double glazed UPVC windows with 70mm casements. High level windows are 450mm sq. with optional frosting (e.g. toilet units)

All external doors are steel and high security / multi locking system included.

Internal  door available with Oak foil flush internal door with union mortice locks  (only needed if building separate rooms inside your space)

The internal electrics consist of the following:

  • 13amp 2-Gang outlets
  • 1.5kW eco panel heaters on a spur outlet
  • LED Strip Lights
  • Single phase consumer unit with RCD’s
  • External isolator
  • Wired to I.E.E regulations

30ft / 32ft Jackleg Cabin Externals:

The external face is plastisol coated steel with polyurethane adhesives bonded to the timber frame. The roof is also made of plastisol steel which is corrugated to eliminate water build up. The external secure steel doors have a multi-point locking system that is bolted to the timber frame. Standard features also include lifting eyes (empty lift only), bearing plates for double stacking and adjustable inserts. All external doors have a 3mm powder coated steel frame and a fully insulated composite sealed door finished externally and internally with plastic coated steel. Windows are double glazed U-PVC.

The jackleg is a structural point for lifting and positioning your cabin.

The cabin specs are up there with some of the best cabins. Well built, well insulated and with a near infinite degree of bespoke customisation available. We can make these units for any purpose or use specific to how you need. We will never turn anything down and will always refer back to our clients if we believe something doesn’t make sense or we can structurally improve it for them.

On any standard design you can choose where the doors, windows and other fixtures and fittings are mounted (with reason), as well as offering a bespoke internal fit out. This allows you to customize the layout to work for your site and your specific use.

As these are made in the UK with materials sourced in the UK (not necessarily manufactured in the UK but meeting UK regulations) , you can be assured that all materials meet UK standard (for example FSC certified timber) you can be assured that all electrics are made to UK standard, but UK qualified electricians and to UK standards, and that UK workers are employed in the factory, helping secure UK jobs which pay UK taxes. Aside from this these are all build by an experienced, established supplier with a history of quality manufacturing within the UK.


The 30ft and 32ft x 10ft jack leg cabin has external Dims:

9000 or 9750mm long x 3100 wide x 2630mm high.

or approx. 30 or 32ft long x 10ft wide x 8ft 7 inch high

These dims assume the jack legs are in their lower position and not extended.

30 / 32ft Jackleg Cabin Optional Extras

Optional extras include but not limited to:

  • Internal partitions, with or without doors & windows.
  • Sliding glazed hatches
  • HD PVC floor cover
  • Custom colours and paint jobs
  • Steel access stairs for double stacked units
  • 70mm Wall insulation
  • Network trunking (computer networking)
  • USB Charging sockets

Boost energy performance:

You can boost energy performance of your cabin with the following options:

  • 70mm wall insulation
  • Timer controlled space heaters
  • PIR sensors to control lights and extractor fans
  • Percussion taps
  • Waterless urinals
  • Dual flush toilets.


These prices for Jackleg Cabins will vary as they are highly customisable. The biggest factors will be the size of the container and the specific layout or fit out that you require. We do ask that you please contact us, and we can arrange a firm quote for your specific needs usually within 24 hours / 1 full working day. Complex custom quotes may take a bit longer.

As a guide, based on a 32ft x 10ft made to order new quality jackleg cabin, with 1 door, 3 windows, 4 lights, 4 plug sockets and 2 basic heaters. Expect a price in the ÂŁ11-13k range including crane equipped delivery to a UK mainland site. Nearer the lower end the nearer you are to Northern Ireland where these are all manufactured. Nearer the top end of the range if you are in Cornwall, Norfolk or Northern Scotland. (Based on Jan 2023 prices, these will be subject to change.


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