Jacuzzi Hut

Made to Order
Product Reference: 9075
  • Cabin container made from an up-cycled 20ft shipping container
  • Made to order so the design can be easily modified or customised
  • High Security / Anti Vandal doors and windows
  • Fitted electrics
  • Lockable storage area and separate changing room / office.
  • External raised walkway
  • Overhung roof with down-lights
Price from: £14,250.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 9075 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

This Jacuzzi Cabin Container has just been finished by one of our yards and its out with the customer.

The brief was for an upcycled 20ft shipping container designed to house a Jacuzzi. The customer wanted this to be based on our cabin container option, with a raised walkway and a small storage space for the storage of Jacuzzi consumables, as well as a 10ft changing area / office space lined out with electrics.

As with everything we build, this needed to offer genuine ‘plug and go’ functionality. This did require a qualified electrician to install, but otherwise we arrive, lift it off and its ready to go in minutes, not weeks!

As with all our conversions, these are built to order, so we can easily modify or customize a design to fit your specific needs. The only limit here is your imagination (and perhaps budget!). This specific unit was built to these specs:

3.5ft deep storage area (x 8ft wide)

  • Cargo doors from the container remain usable for access into the storage area.
  • Overlay floor to match the external cladding
  • 2x shutter bolts to the left hand door
  • Fully lockable and secure.

Seating Area / Jacuzzi Space

  • 7.5 x 8ft area
  • Recessed led footlights on the step
  • Overlaid internal floor to match the external cladding
  • Half height ‘window’ opening / aperture.

10ft x 8ft lockable changing room / office

  • Lockable steel door, and windows with lockable anti vandal shutters.
  • White Melamine wall paneling (waterproof and wipe clean)
  • Wood effect laminate flooring all sealed.
  • Electrics, 4x double USB sockets, 4ft twin LED strip light, Consumer unit (RCD), external PTO (blue plug), all trunking, all professionally tested in our yard before sale. (Test certificate / paperwork is made available)

As with everything we sell, the structure if guaranteed sound, and wind & watertight and all work is covered by our 12 month warranty.

We can very easily alter any design to fit different sizes of Jacuzzi, and the layout and even the positions of doors, windows and plug sockets can be customised. This allows us to design a unit specifically for your site or layout requirements.

Lead times and availability

As we make these units up to order, we are extremely unlikely to have something like this in stock ready to go. Jacuzzi Pods are not an everyday item for us at this time and we will make any future orders up at the time.

At times, the quote process may take a few days as we will want to engage with you, discuss various options and there may be some back and fourth before we settle on a final spec and design.

Beyond this, once we receive payment to start work on your build, a 2-4 week lead time is reasonably typical for this sort of work, for this level of conversion required. This will increase during busy periods and if booking in work across holiday weekends (eg over Christmas & New year)

If you are looking for a container similar to this one please contact us. As most of these jobs are bespoke designs, we often suggest calling us in the first instance. here we can discuss what is or ins’t possible, to help us understand your thoughts and to help us make cost effective recommendations for you in any quote.


These Jacuzzi huts are all built to order, you can essentially design your own unit. The level of customisation offered as standard here includes all of the following:

  • The Layout of the Unit (where the office goes. where the Jacuzzi space goes)
  • The Type of external wood that we use in the cladding
  •  The external color finish for doors, window frames and any other metal.
  • The type and spec of lighting used externally.
  • The type of internal paneling material used in the changing room or office.
  • The position, size, type and of orientation of the door (left or right hand hinged, door opening inwards or outwards. Options also include vision panels, frosted vision panels, automatic door closers, fire escape push bar opening, extra wide disabled access doors and more)
  • The position of the window, and options for single, double or triple glazed, with or without anti-vandal shutters.
  • The number of, location of and type of power sockets used, (also now available: USB charging sockets!)
  • The location of and type of internal lighting used.

And all of this is offered as standard! If you need anything else please try us out. as a bespoke build job there is a very good chance we can work with any design brief. Of course none of these require external wooden cladding and are all our shipping containers are available without the cladding option as well.

We can very easily make bar and food service units (please check out our cladded catering pod example), offices and more from used shipping containers, so if you have a specific idea or project in mind please feel free to get in touch.

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