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Mobeye Argos GSM Shipping Container Alarm

  • Professional Security Alarm for shipping containers and other smaller single room spaces (garages, workshops, sheds etc)
  • Battery and / or mains powered, very long battery life
  • Notifies up to 5 mobile phones when set off then calls to ensure texts not missed
  • 10m detection range
  • Option for ‘listen in’ function when alarm is activated
  • Easy to Install, comes pre-programmed
  • Ongoing costs from 99p per month
  • Operating range -10 to + 50 Celsius.
  • Uses any / all mobile networks
  • Setup service included (does not include installation)


Price from: POA

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 5310

Product Description

The Mobeye Argos is a battery powered GSM shipping container alarm system with integrated key-pad, PIR detector (motion detector) and an in-built siren. This is a professionally designed and built alarm system which works well in a range of single room enclosed spaces such as shipping containers, but this can also work well with workshops, sheds, garages, caravans, lock-ups etc.

The system is an ‘all-in-one’ unit with an external low-profile antenna (comes with option for 2.5 metre or 10 metre cable). Within the unit, is the PIR detector, the control key-pad and the audible siren.

This alarm system is easy to install. It can simply be sat on-top of any solid item, laid on a solid item or hung on screws using the pre-punched holes.

Activating and deactivating the alarm is done using the key-pad with your own unique 4-digit passcode and the in-built motion sensor has a 360 degree reach and the unit can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Any access to your shipping container whether it be through the cargo doors, the roof or side panels will be detected by the motion sensor with the alarm then sending an SMS to your mobile (up-to 5 mobile numbers can be contacted by the Argos system), followed by calls to your mobile numbers to ensure the SMS isn’t missed.

For day to day use the Alarm system comes with programmable 5 entry delay times (1, 15, 30, 45 & 60 seconds). The exit delay time is fixed at 60-seconds. Once you open the door normally the alarm countdown will activate and if your code isn’t entered in time, the siren will sound and the alarm system will notify all nominated phone number via text message of the alarm activation with a follow-up call to ensure the SMS message isn’t missed. When the Argos is activated, it’s also possible to ‘listen-in’ to what is happening where the Argos is located.

If the passcode is entered incorrectly (3-times), the Argos alarm is locked for a period of 10-minutes.

The system communicates via a [special] pay as you go sim card. this comes charged with £10 of credit when you buy the system and ongoing monthly line rental costs 99 pence per month (to keep the SIM/number live and working). Text messages cost 12p each. Monthly status texts, alarm activation texts, and low battery and credit texts are all chargeable.

No monthly contract required.

The Mobeye Argos unit may also be run using the Mobeye 12v DC power supply to extend battery life. For additional security on cargo doors, personnel doors or windows, the unit can also be connected to the Mobeye Argos Magnetic Contact. So should someone attempt entry through these areas, the alarm will be activated before any movement is detected.

Shipping Container Alarms can also be used in:

Garden sheds, Workshops, Garages, Caravans, Outbuildings, Greenhouses or any ‘single room’ enclosed space.

Whilst fitting a good quality insurance rated padlock (Much like our Squire padlock) and a heavy-duty lock box to protect the padlock, some determined thieves might resort to access your container by cutting through the side walls.

The container alarms are ideal for use on both units that are placed in remote locations such as on farms and in urban locations where burglaries of sheds and garages is increasing. Many local police forces provide excellent advice for securing remote storage that includes advising owners to secure their units with good quality padlocks and monitored burglar alarms.

The Mobeye Argos security system is the latest development system to provide increased security for remotely located shipping containers and it’s on-board GSM (Mobile capability) can send SMS alerts (Text messages) followed by a call to up to 5 mobile numbers instantly.

Like the Mobeye i110, the Argos system has an external mushroom antenna that fixes flush to the roof, making it all but invisible. The antenna is connected to the Argos through a small hole in the container roof through which the cable passes.

The system includes a ‘roaming’ Pay As You Go SIM with £10.00 credit. And we’ll program the device for you.

Key features of the system include:

MobeyeArgos-in-hand-HR (1) copyAlert via SMS and calls to up to 5 mobile numbers.

Circa 1 year battery life (dependent on usage).

360-degree detection pattern (can be mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling).

In-built tactile keypad.

Inbuilt siren.

The system is typically used on shipping containers that are used for on-site storage, in workshops and garden sheds.

Total roaming SIM features include:

A SIM card designed for Alarm Systems whereas other SIM cards are not usable.

Cost effective – with the average user cost of around £2.00 per month vs. low cost Giff Gaff or Tesco SIM card at around £5.00 per month.

For use with all GSM alarms and GSM dalliers from any manufacturer.

The roaming SIM always uses the strongest network in your location but requires a mobile signal to operate

The most cost-effective SIM card for alarm systems.

Low credit warnings via text and email when £2.00 credit left.

Easy to use online top up.

Voice call, text and data enabled. Can be used anywhere in the UK or EU.

Includes £10.00 or credit plus £1.00 of emergency credit.

No contract or monthly top-ups required to keep alive.

SMS to UK mobile at £0.12 per text message and SMS to EU mobile at £0.15 per text message. UK and EU voice calls at £0.23 per minute. Data at £0.23 per MB/Data example 1024 kb = 1MB.

£0.99 deducted from credit on a monthly basis as line rental to keep SIM/number alive and working.

Low credit alert setup for Mobeye alarm systems.

Please read carefully – This is a set-up service for the SIM card supplied with your device and is optional but highly recommended.

We can link your mobile and email address to the Total GSM SIM card for you. This enables you to receive low credit warnings at £2.00 and £1.00 by text and email.

To order, please call us on 0808 1234 215 and quote 5310.

Key Differences between the Mobeye Argos Alarm and the Mobeye i110 Container Alarm

The Mobeye i110 alarm is the slightly cheaper unit, and has slightly reduced features. The main differences being:

  • The i110 can alert up to 2 mobile phones, the Argos alarm up to 5 mobile phones can be alerted when the alarm goes off.

As a 20ft container is only just over 6 metres long, the sensor range will never be an issues inside a 20ft container

As a 40ft container is approx. 12 metres long, you may want to consider the range of the motion sensor when fixing alarms inside a 40ft container. If your sensor has an 10 metre range, then fitting the system anywhere between 2 metres and 6 metres down the length of the container will ensure full coverage internally.

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