Modular Container Building 20ft x 16ft

Product Reference: 9496
  • Portable Office / Workspace
  • Fully Insulated
  • Plug and Go functionality
  • Low operating costs thanks to the use of high-quality materials and insulation
  • Includes electrics and lighting
  • Smart modern interior
  • Designed to suit requirements
  • Expandable and adaptable at any time
  • Ready for use within weeks
Price from: £13,200.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 9496 or request a callback.

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Product Description

Budget Shipping Containers range of Modular Container Buildings includes options of all sizes and configurations that you could possibly need. These flexible workspace solutions are designed to be linked together to form buildings, and can be added to for expansion as required. They can even be stacked for multi-storey use. The external wall panels can be removed to make a larger open space or left in place if more private offices are preferred. They are ideal for temporary or semi-permanent office requirements and more cost effective than a traditional building. Once the project is complete they can be moved to your next site and reassembled, or sold on.

Some of the many possible configurations possible with Modular Container Buildings, from a single 20ft x 8ft cabin to a double storey building with almost 4,000 ft² of space. Even larger temporary buildings can be constructed if required.

This 20ft x 16ft modular container building is formed from 2 units of standard 20ft x 8ft size. The units are built to order from prefabricated panels, so windows and doors can be added or moved according to your needs. The priced example includes 4 windows and one door. The units have been built with supporting beam panels instead of dividing walls along one side, to allow them to be fixed together on-site to form one large space. As usual with this range they are supplied fully insulated, with electrics fitted, and are ready to connect to services and use immediately after installation. The units are built to order to exacting specifications and high build quality. Various colours available, please let us know if you need to match with your company colour scheme.

Options Available

All windows and doors are fixed into prefabricated panels. This make it easy to adjust the positioning and numbers of these to suit your requirements. You can position the windows to give you the best views from your office, and put the door in the most suitable location according to your site layout.

The windows included with this unit are standard office windows. We can also offer larger display windows, speak-through windows and hatches, sliding windows or full glazing options if required.

Basic electric heating is supplied as standard in these prefabs, if required we can also install air-conditioning units.


If security may be an issue we can also offer window and door grilles for greater protection against unauthorised entry.

Full technical details of this modular building are on the ‘Technical Details and Specification’ Tab above.

Delivery and Installation

Each 20ft x 8ft module comes in an flat pack measuring 20ft x 8ft x 2ft (approx). They can be delivered up to 10 at a time, provided that there is sufficient space for an articulated vehicle to access your site. The vehicle will need to be on a hard surface (not grass) at all times. You will need to have a forklift or Hiab crane on site to offload each unit. If you don’t have these facilities we can arrange for a Hiab vehicle to attend site to offload, just let us know that this will be needed. The units need to be placed on level supports and assembled. Assembly is fairly simple, a minimum of 2-3 people will be needed to lift panels. Only basic skills are required, the units are assembled using screws, bolts, glue and sealant.

modular deliveryOnce each unit is assembled they can be fixed together and finished internally. All parts and fixings required are supplied, along with step-by-step instructions. Some basic skills and tools are required. As with all electrical installations you will need a qualified electrician to test and certify electrical safety. If you need to adjust the positioning of the modules a forklift will be needed.

These units are designed to be assembled by the user, and should be achievable for anyone with reasonable DIY skills and tools. If you do need help then we can quote to install these units for you on site. You will need qualified engineers to connect the water and waste (if applicable). External connection are provided as required for electricity (32 Amp), water and waste outflow. Sewage must be drained into an approved sewage network in accordance with local regulations. We would strongly recommend draining all pipework if temperatures below 3 degrees (Celsius) are expected and the unit in not in use, to avoid burst pipes.

These units are produced in Europe and delivered on a truck to the UK. They are supplied on a one-trip basis, so very minor wear associated with the delivery journey should be expected. They will have been handled by cranes so paint may be rubbed, particularly around the corner castings, and its possible that the odd small scratch or scrape may have occurred in transit.

Lead times for these units can be as short as a few weeks, depending on the project size and specification. We’ll be able to give you an estimated lead time with your quote.


Budget Shipping Containers offer a one year wind and watertight guarantee with all containers. In addition we offer a 12 month warranty on all parts for modular buildings. If a component fails just let us know and we’ll send out a replacement (accidental damage is not covered).

At Budget Shipping Containers we always aim to help customers find the best possible solution to their needs. Feel free to contact us or alternatively you can fill out our online quote form to get a price including delivery (If filling in our online form, please mention the product code 9496 in the notes so we can see which container you’re interested in).


– External cabin height 2591mm
– External cabin length 6055mm
– External cabin width 4885mm
– Internal height 2340mm
– Weight approx 4,000 – 4,200Kg


– Can be supplied in any standard RAL colour. Certain paints will carry a surcharge.

Internal finish

– Internal finish – white coated sheet steel
– Internal finish ceiling – white chipboard


– Wall insulation PU foam 60mm
– Roof insulation Mineral wool 100mm
– Floor insulation Mineral wool 60mm


– Fully installed including consumer box. External CEE connection (blue 3-pin) countersunk
– Electrics GB Standard (230V/32A/3-pin)

Design of floor construction

– Forklift pockets are spaced 2050mm centre-to-centre, pockets are 360mm wide. Fork length 2450mm minimum
– Floor panel cement-bound chipboard floor
– Floor cover Classic Imperial Grey 1.5mm R9

Technical Specification

4 x Office window with tilt and turn mechanism and rollershutter

External dimension: 945 X 1200mm
Window opening clearance: 821 X 1076mm

1 x External steel door

Standard dimensions (width): 875mm
Light passage width: 811mm

Heating, ventilating and cooling equipment

2 x E-convector heater 2kW


4 x Single light bar 36W

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