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Near new 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers (London)

  • 20ft long x 8ft wide x 9ft 6 high
  • For site storage or export use
  • Approx 1-2 years old
  • Lock Box
  • Marine plywood floor
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
  • Ideal for storage of large machinery and other oversize items
  • Supplied with valid CSC plate if required (for export use)
  • Limited number available in our London depot
Price from: £2,450.00 £2,000.00 +VAT

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Product Description

These 20ft high cube shipping containers are suitable for storage or so export use, and are a foot taller than standard containers at 9ft 6ins high (externally). 20ft High Cubes are not used by the major shipping lines and leasing companies so are very rarely available as used items, but are brought into the UK for retail sale as one-trip containers. These near-new examples provide an opportunity to buy high cube containers at a substantial discount against one-trip prices.

What is a High Cube Shipping Container?

High Cube shipping containers have the same footprint as standard containers, but are an extra foot high. You can see all dimensions by clicking on the Technical tab above. They were created for shipping large items that will not fit in a standard height container. 40ft high cube containers are commonly used in international shipping, but their 20ft counterparts are rarely used. For this reason they are produced in much smaller numbers, almost entirely for the retail market. Prices are higher than for standard height containers, but for storage of large plant and machinery the extra height can prove essential. When used for conversions the extra height can be used to allow for recessed lighting or raised flooring without compromising ceiling height.

High Cube Shipping Containers for Storage

For most requirements a standard height container will provide the flexible storage that you need. But if what you need to store won’t fit then a high cube container may be exactly what you need! Large machinery, generators, plant and forklifts are all examples of items that will often fit into a high cube that might not fit into a standard height container. Worth noting also that the extra headroom will allow the use of forklifts that may not be able to operate in a standard container.

Some customers also like high cubes as it allows them to stack pallets inside,. but this will depend a lot of the type of goods you want to store and how you store them.

Near New High Cube Containers

These 20ft HC containers are in fantastic condition, having been used on site for around 18 months since delivery as one-trip units. As you can see in the picture above they are matching blue, and are in a similar condition to any other one-trip example. The CSC plates should be still valid for international shipping, if you intend to export just let us know and we’ll check.

The main picture shows the three actual containers for sale. Gallery pictures show example pictures of 20ft high cube containers in similar condition and will be updated to show the actual containers available when more photos are available.

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Technical Information for 20ft High Cube shipping containers

Please note whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, some measurements (notably internal measurements) can vary slightly with the development and modernisation of manufacturing techniques over time. We recommend considering a circa 1 inch (2.5cm) tolerance. Where possible we have given a range on known variations in dims between ranges but we can’t guarantee this to be totally accurate for all ranges. If you have a specific sized problem or item to load that’s near these dims please double check with us in advance and if needs be we will get someone to measure the exact container for you.

Length 20ft (6052mm-6058mm)
Width 8ft (2343mm-2438mm)
Height 9ft 6ins (2891mm-2896mm)
Length 19ft 4ins (5892mm-5900mm)
Width 7ft 8ins (2347mm-2452mm)
Height 8ft 10ins (2693mm-2698mm)
Door Opening
Width 7ft 8ins (2335mm-2340mm)
Height 8ft 6ins (2580mm-2585mm)
Floor Area 150 sqft (13.93m²)
Cubic Capacity 1318 cu ft (37.3m3)
Weight 1.8-2.4 tons (1800-2400 Kgs)
Max Cargo (Export only) 23000 Kgs – 30480 Kgs (Different max cargo weights available)
Fork Pockets  
Width 1ft 2ins (360mm)
Height 4 1/2ins (115mm)
Centre to Centre 6ft 9ins +/- 2ins (2050mm +/- 50mm)

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