Non Operational Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Product Reference: 2285
  • 20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • Ex refrigerated shipping containers
  • Non-working engine but insulation ensures no condensation build up
  • Ambient internal temperature
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
  • Aluminium T-Bar or Chequer-plate floors available
  • Stainless steel internal panelling
  • Can be painted your choice of basic RAL (at additional cost)
Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 2285 or request a callback.

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Product Description

Non operational refrigerated shipping containers are excellent for anyone looking for a high quality insulated storage unit. These ex refrigerated containers come in 20ft and 40ft options and are extremely rare and sought after.

The insulation is fantastic quality and as well as ensuring condensation will not form inside, these also maintain an ambient temperature regardless of the temperature outside, so they are ideal for storage of ambient food items that are susceptible to either temperature or moisture fluctuations (Rice, Flours, Eggs, Dry foods & Cereals), or also great for important paperwork & legal documents. We have even known them to store high value artworks, entire collections of smaller items or just furniture and fabrics.

Typically the quality of insulation for the space it takes up is excellent, must better than any insulation kits, ply lining and insulation work and in an entirely different league in quality terms when compared to Grafotherm anti-condensation treatment. The doors are also insulated and come with heavy duty marine rubber seals. They are designed to be airtight but on our used non-operational refrigerated containers we are only guaranteeing that they are weatherproof and we’re unable to guarantee a perfect hermetic seal or similar.

These generally only become available when a refrigerated shipping container takes the right sort of damage (ie its not viable to repair, but the damage has also not affected the cargo space in the container or the structure in any way) hence these are rare. This usually involves a compressor failure in the refrigeration engine as this is a very expensive part to replace. This does mean supplies of these non-operational refrigerated shipping containers are inconsistent and some will pop up in one location, and we’ll next see some others pop up a few months later at the other end of the country.

There are two types of floor in reefers which are aluminium T-bar and chequer-plate floor (both pictured) usually chequer-plate is fitted as an aftermarket item to make the reefers easier to clean/sweep out. Aluminium, t-bar floors are more commonplace to find in modern refrigerated containers.

The pictures are for indicative purposes only and were some non-operational containers we sold some time ago.  If you would like to know what we have where, please contact us for details and prices.

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