Shipping Container Bolt Seals

  • Budget Shipping Containers bolt seals
  • ISO 17712.2 & C-TPAT Compliant
  • High impact plastic covering all over clearly indicates tampering
  • Removed with bolt cutters
  • ‘Anti-spin’ design
  • 10mm thick shank
  • Made of carbon steel and zinc, finished all over in a sky blue colour with BSC prefix.
  • Average pull-apart force: 4713 lbs (2138 Kgs, 21.0 KN)
  • Average impact force: 30-29 ft-lb (41-53 Nm)
  • Bending moment 63 ft-lb (85Nm)
  • Free with any seaworthy container purchase (on request, 1 seal per shippable container)
Price from: £0.55 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Budget Shipping Container bolt seals are a great export optional extra. They consist of a numbered bolt and cap which can clearly show if the container has been tampered with or broken into during transit. If the sender records the seal number before it leaves and checks it upon arrival, to make sure it matches, they can clearly and easily see if the container has been opened or broken into. Budget Shipping Container bolt seals all have the prefix BSC.

See more in this brief video:

Why do you need a bolt seal

Export shipments will all need a bolt seal.

If you use a padlock to seal your container and customs want a look, they will simply cut your padlock off. Using a padlock is also lee helpful in the event of a break in. When bolt seals are used, the seal number should be recorded at every step of the chain.

One may assume that a typical expert movement has 3 steps in the chain, from truck at your site to the port, then shipped out to your destination country and onto another truck at the destination port out to your destination address.

In reality such a move may have may more steps involved. The container may get loaded on a truck at your site, run to a rail-head, catch a train to the port. Once on the boat your shipping container may transship through a number of other ports on its way to destination, and the container may at times also be stood down in depots on its way to or from a port or railhead.

If the seal number is properly recorded, in the event of a break in the ‘chain’ can be examined and the exact point at whcih the seal was broken can be discovered.

This may not seem super secure but its a method that has shown to work over the years. the industry will quickly stop working with any ‘link’ in the chain where containers are regularly broken into, (or other measures can be taken such as getting the local authorities involved). As the vast majority of companies in the container supply chain are long term professional outfits, they all understand the importance of container security measures and that they will not stay in business very long if they are also involved with breaking into shipping containers.

It is also common to be able to get cargo insurance for your shipment with a shipping container that has been sealed. Also many shipping liens and ports wont’ accept a container without a seal number to record (so they may accept a shipping container with both a padlock and a seal, but they wont’ accept a shipping container with a padlock and no seal)

Very finally shipping your container with only a padlock on it will look to a customs agent as though this is a novice shipper or someone new to shipping. This may suggest to the customs agent that this is a container that they want to look at. Most of the time you will be hit with an additional charge if customs want a close look at your shipping container, so its worth making sure you have a quality seal in place whenever you export a shipping container.


  • 1 seal £5.00 + VAT inc p&p
  • 10 seals £20.00 + VAT inc p&p
  • 30 seals £45.00 + VAT inc p&p
  • 50 seals £62.50 + VAT inc p&p
  • 100 seals £100.00 + VAT inc p&p
  • 250 Seals (1 box) £175.00 + VAT inc p&p
  • 1000 Seals £550.00 + VAT inc p&p
  • Please contact us for bulk order enquiries in multiples of 250 seals

P&P up to 100 seals is based on 2nd class recorded postage. (Subject to order and payment in before 11:00am) Please contact us for more information. Multiples of 250 units sent via courier and this can take a few working days.
We can offer first class and special delivery options, Special delivery for 9am the next working day can get very expensive (additional £22 on 10 seals for example)

More Information

These seals exceed the international requirements and can only be removed by bolt cutters or similar. They have been specifically designed to not ‘spin off’ as some other bolt seals do.

Most shipping companies will provide a bolt seal free of charge and on occasion even the hauliers moving the containers from loading destination to port have been known to fit bolt seals. It is a popular alternative to a padlock.

For bulk orders (over 500 seals) we can also have the seals made with your own 3 letter custom prefix.

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