Shipping Container PVC Canopy 20ft (6m long x 8m wide)

Product Reference: 5554
  • 20ft Shipping Container Canopy
  • Large covered space at low cost
  • Can be erected atop any original 20ft shipping containers or double stacked containers
  • Built from galvanised heavy duty 60mm steelwork with 50mm galvanised bracings
  • Heavy duty 520gsm fire retardant PVC cover meets and exceeds BS 7837:1996
  • Constructed from 2m steelwork sections allowing for easy and economical maintenance
  • Self build instructions provided, or installation available at additional cost

D Panel and End Panel

  • Made from the same 520gsm fire retardant PVC
  • End panel is adjustable to fit with different container sizes
Price from: £3,490.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 5554 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am ‚Äď 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

When you need a large flexible space to work with a shipping container canopy could be just the solution you are looking for! Big enough to use as a vehicle store, a barn, painting bay, as shelter for an event or any one of hundreds of other uses. They can be self assembled or we can send a team to install it for you. You won’t find a more cost effective way to get a lot of sheltered space in very little time.

The shipping container canopy is designed to be easily assembled and dismantled and is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent requirements. It is made of 2m sections that can be individually replaced in case of damage and has been designed and produced by a polytunnel specialist.

It is constructed of a heavy duty 60mm galvanised steel framework, with a heavy duty 520gsm fire retardant PVC covering that meets and exceeds BS 7837:1196.

You can see a brief 2 minute video showing our canopies in action here:

The shipping container canopy roof rises to 2580mm above the height of the containers on which it is installed, giving a total height of 5180mm at the centre if using standard size containers, 5480mm if using high cube containers. You can even double stack the containers to give huge roof heights – plenty of room for a double decker bus with room to spare!

End frame covers and ‘D’ panel options are now available to help you make a more enclosed space if that’s what you need.¬†These container canopies offer a maximum 8¬†metre span between the 2 shipping containers.

Design Variations

The canopy pictured in the main product image, and in the below image, will likely be the type of canopy you’ll receive (the¬†new rounded version).
green shipping container canopies
We have recently altered the specification slightly to the rounded version rather than the peaked version to help with frost and snow removal in colder months. The main image also shows a grey cover atop the canopy, just to clarify this is not included.
The only included parts unless state otherwise are the white canopy and framework.
Speaking of colours you may notice the canopies pictures on the left are green. We can offer specific coloured canopies at an additional charge but they are ideal if you want them to blend in with the surroundings or match company colours for example.
White as standard but also available in black, dark blue, dark green, red, yellow and translucent. The extra colours will incur a premium charge but worth a mention we cannot guarantee shade matching. for example it will be a dark green as pictured but we cannot be specific what exact shade of green it will be.


To install you will need a good level base to work from. A platform or cherry picker for working at heights will also be needed. Full instructions will be provided with your shipping container roof. We would recommend allowing 2 days for a 3 person team to complete it. The canopy and containers need to be on a flat, level base. We recommend that the containers are levelled using supports, they need to be level with each other to provide a suitable base for the shipping container canopy structure to sit on.

To get many years of life from your canopy a minimal amount of maintenance is needed. An annual check over and replacement of any parts damaged is a relatively quick and easy task. With this in mind assembling the structure yourself in the first instance is a good idea as you will have good knowledge of how it fits together.

If you would like our team to install your shipping container canopy we will provide a 3 person team for 2 days, cost will depend on mileage to the site. Method statements and risk assessments are available in advance Our fitters also have cherry picker licences.

The shipping container canopy must be installed between 2 standard 20ft shipping containers. We can offer custom sizes if required, please contact us for further information.


Prices start at £3,490.00 + VAT for a 20ft shipping container canopy, with mainland delivery and without installation or end /D panels. (A 40ft shipping container canopy would be £4100.00 + VAT)

Ends and D Panels £POA

Comes in white/trans grey as standard.

Installation prices will vary depended on geography, if contacting us for a quote to include installation we will please need to know where we will be building this shipping container canopy for you.

Accessories available:

  • ‘D’ Panel ¬£497.19 +VAT
  • Gable End with door ¬£1540 +VAT
  • Fabricated Hinge Door ¬£1700 +VAT
  • Company Logo both sides ¬£99 +VAT

Colours available (standard material used is white):

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Translucent

Any of the above colours £150 +VAT

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