Shipping Container Divider Wall

Product Reference: 3513
  • Easy to install in approx. 30 minutes
  • No drilling or welding required.
  • Can be easily popped up and taken down leaving no damage to the container.
  • 16-gauge steel construction
  • 93″ x 44 1/4″ x 3″ per section
  • 130lbs / 54.43 kg
  • Corugated steel powder coated grey
  • 4 x pressure fitted feet (between the container wall corrugations for security)
Price from: £410.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Budget Shipping Containers offer a wide range of bespoke build shipping containers with extra cargo doors, personnel doors or even roller shutter doors as well as the ‘off the shelf’ shipping containers with double doors at each end (tunnel containers)

If you have a shipping container with more than one entrance and you are looking to partition off or make two spaces out of one container this may be the idea solution for you!

This Shipping Container Divider Wall has become a huge hit by allowing our customers to convert one large container into two separate storage spaces that are completely secure from each other. A very popular option with our self store customers these divider walls are made out of corrugated steel of a similar design to a conventional shipping container. This not only means added strength but also a clean, tidy looking partition wall.

The divider wall requires no drilling, fixing or welding to the container. It is a self assembly pop up partition which, once removed, leaves absolutely no evidence of ever being installed!

Delivery prices available upon request and are subject to your UK address. Delivery time is typically an additional 2-4 working days.

Please note this product is designed for standard (8ft wide externally) shipping containers and is NOT for use in a palletwide container (approx. 8ft 4 inches wide). For High Cube containers we can provide an extension kit to allow for the extra height. The extension kit is £75 +VAT.



step 1

Install the stabiliser feet to the panels. Slide the spring on the shaft of the stabiliser, push the shaft through the hole of the panel and secure with the lock nut (ensure that you see 2 or 3 full threads)

Then place the divider panels in the desired location within the container and line each half up with each other across the container.

The stabiliser panel feet should fall into place along the container wall indentation/corrugation.

step 4Form a ‘V’ shape (as shown in the image to the left) with the two panels and simply press into place. Although the divider wall stabiliser¬†feet should hold the panels in place it is worth making sure you press evenly across both panels at the same time. This will avoid any mis-shape in the panels.The beauty of this product is – if you are not happy with it, simply pop it back out from the other side and start again! Once happy, insert the carriage bolts with lock nuts to secure the panels in place.

step 6

For extra security we would recommend installing lag bolts to the floor of the container as well (not essential but for extra strength not a bad idea)

Installation itself takes 20 to 30 minutes and can be just about installed anywhere in the container.

*products may not be exactly as shown.

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