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Welfare units for local construction company
Welfare units for local construction company
Product Reference: 2518
  • Additional shipping container doors
  • A Variety of options available including additional double cargo doors, high security personnel doors and fire exit doors
  • Please see photos for examples of additional container doors and the descriptions below
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How to Order

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Product Description

We can supply and fit a range of shipping container¬†doors to aid access. We’ve tried to show a good selection of available options in the pictures, but below we also list more of the available options.

Prices will vary significantly on the type and spec of door, plus in the case or additional sets of cargo doors prices can vary a lot dependent on weather we have spare doors available in our yard when you need them (if not we can either fabricate our flat panel doors or buy in new container doors).

Below we have listed the range of common door options:

Flat Panel / Easy Open / Fabricated Shipping Container Doors

These single or double shipping container doors are fabricated in our yard to order – so they are always available. Made from min 1.8mm sheet steel (thicker than the stele used in the sides of the container) and are made with a box section frame for rigidity.

They will typically some with 1 locking bar and we will ordinarily include a lock box (padlock cover) for security. these doors do not come with a rubber seal around the door frame but with a rain guard in place they are still perfectly wind & watertight for everyday storage uses.

These doors are typically much easier to use than original shipping container doors. They are much lighter and hence easier to operate whilst still providing a good level of security. As they are made from new sheet stele they also offer a clean finish.

These flat panel doors can be made up to max 5ft wide (or a 10ft wide pair of cargo style doors).

Additional Shipping Container Cargo Doors

We can add in additional sets of double cargo doors. We are commonly asked to move the double shipping container doors from the end of a used container into the side (blanking off the end section in the process also) to give a side entrance into the container.

Or in some cases we have added additional sets of cargo doors along a long side – for example to give quick and easy access to the goods held inside in a 40ft long container.

Original cargo doors are extremely sturdy. With 4 locking bars and a very heavy duty construction you won’t get a sturdier option without serious expense.

These can sometimes be split to offer a single 4ft wide entry door with 1 or 2 locking bars also.

Additional container door prices will vary. When we have them spare from a different project they will be offered as a very reasonable price, however when not available we have to buy in new shipping container door sets which are expensive to use in used containers.

Roller Shutter Doors.

We have recently added roller shutters to our ever growing list of products! Perfect for storage customers who want easy and secure access and can be easily converted into “pop up” shops, cafes and even shipping container bars!

Roller¬†shutter doors provide an unobstructed¬†access point as the shutter and mechanism are stored above the doorway and out of the way. This makes it very easy to move goods in and out of the container. The “budget option” is the manual shutters but as you can see from the below video we also offer

Available in any height to suit your storage container and in widths up to 10 metres these are a great alternative to standard cargo doors, flat panel doors and personnel doors.

Personnel Access Doors

Single doors or personnel doors can also be added into a shipping container frame to give quick and easy access. Ideal for partitioning storage units into smaller individual blocks, or for office and other conversion projects, the common type is a high security personnel door with an 8+ point locking system.

These doors have bolts that come out of the door on all sides and fix into the frame making it extremely hard to break into.

If you’re able to do your own metal fabrication we do also offer an off the shelf door option that you can fit yourself (please see related products below).

Great for everyday use. If the door is in frequent use then a cargo style door will be a big pain to use day in day out as it will take 20-30 seconds to open every time, whereas this style of personnel door is ideal for more frequent use.

Fire exit / push bar doors

Much like the standard personnel style doors we can also buy in and fit push bar / fire exit style doors to a shipping container – very popular in industrial conversions where you may have electrical switch gear, boilers, or machinery running inside the container whilst people may also be inside.

Also popular with office and shop conversions in 40ft containers giving a 2nd exit point from the container in the vent of fire.

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