Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets

  • Set of 4x or 6x Grounding Anchor Brackets
  • Works with any length container
  • Made from 200mm x 10mm flat bar.
  • High breaking capacity
  • 3x 14mm dia predrilled holes
  • ‘kits’ including threaded bar, nuts and washers also available
  • Stop side-to-side & front-to-back movement of a shipping container
  • Usually held in stock and available circa 5 working days
  • UK Mainland Freight Inclusive
Price from: £105.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Our Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets allow containers to be held in position when on a concrete base.

A common issue when shipping containers are on sites with a lot of materials handling equipment, such as forklift trucks, telehandlers and diggers, is them being knocked accidentally or moved out of position. This can not only be frustrating but also very dangerous. If a shipping container has anything stacked on top of it, such as another storage container or even a containerised office. Or if this shipping container on the ground has anything attached to it such as a personnel staircase, a walkway, landing or even a shipping container canopy, a knock out of position to the bottom container can cause all sorts of problems and health an safety issues. These anchor brackets can help secure the base of any container structure to protect against knocks and shifting containers. These anchor brackets can also be used if the area is prone to flooding and you want to keep the container firmly planted in its position in the event of a flood (otherwise it may just float away), and for temporary structures such as container walls and shopping centres.

Although the bracket doesn’t actually bolt to or penetrate the container side, so if you buy the container from us too they will not invalidate your wind and water tight guarantee, they do still hold the unit in place very well, considering the upright bend is only an inch or so. They are made from 200mm x 10mm flat bar and do need securing to the floor however using suitable bolts (which we can provide too – see ‘full bracket kits’ below.) The ground they’re connecting too must be a hard standing base and level for best results. You can weld the container to these supports for additional anchorage is required.

When used as a set of 6 this provides and exceptionally strong anchor for your shipping container, but for additional strength you can weld these brackets to the corner castings on the shipping container if your feel that your specific site or risk needs this additional support.

Please note when stacking shipping containers, we also recommend considering our shipping container interlocks to help secure stacked shipping containers together.

Prices and quantities

Just Brackets

4x Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets £105.00 + VAT

6x Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets £131.00 + VAT

Delivery to any UK mainland address is included (£POA for carriage prices to highlands and islands)

Full Brackets Kits

4x Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets + accompanying threaded bar, nuts/washers £137.00 + VAT

6x Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets + accompanying threaded bar, nuts/washers £180.00 + VAT

Delivery to any UK mainland address is included (£POA for carriage prices to highlands and islands)

Features and Fixing

As above these brackets are supplied in kits of 4 or 6. Subject to if you want to stop side-to-side movement or side-to-side AND the movement backwards. typically we do not offer brackets for the door end of the container as they would hinder the door operation – If you do have a requirement for the container not to move in this direction too do please contact us and we can look at other options for you.

The brackets supplied have 3 pre-drilled 14mm dia holes per bracket. If purchased as a ‘kit’ they will also include compatible threaded bars and a suitable number of nuts and washers.

Obviously the only part we cannot help with is the ground prep. The site will have to drill relevant hole(s) and, using a suitable resin or similar, mount the threaded bars in the correct positions for the bracket to be able to slide over and the washers and nuts fitted thereafter.

The threaded bar, subject to the depth of the hole(s) you dig, may need cutting to length – otherwise the bar will stick well above the flush top of the bracket. As you can see from the above pic our bar have been cut back to almost flush with the top of the nut. A good hacksaw will be fine for this, holding it in place is the trickiest part. BUDGET SHIPPING CONTAINERS TOP TIP: if you have access to a vice, screw 2 nuts on and use them as clamping points for the vice, this saves damaging the threads or messing about with ‘soft jaws’. Put a nut on at the place you want to cut the rod then use it as a guide to keep the blade straight, when you unscrew the nut it should clean any ragged edges away from the newly cut threads.


When stacking anything on top of anything, whether its a canteen on an office, or a 20ft store on top of a welfare unit these grounding anchor brackets offer protection against any potentially dangerous knocks and shoves. If you have anything stacked container-wise we’d always recommend shipping container interlocks, these paired with our Shipping Container Grounding Anchor Brackets offer a solid and worry free solution.

Additional information


Made in UK

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