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Shipping Container Kirncroft Personnel Door

  • 10-point locking personnel door
  • Hinges available on the left or right hand side opening inwards or outwards.
  • 5 pin anti-drill Euro profile cylinder
  • Stainless steel lever handles
  • Supplied with 6 Keys at no extra charge.
  • Stainless steel “anti-knockout” hinges and threshold
  • Weatherproof locking bolt grommett and rubber seal system
  • Available as DIY or we can fit to a container you purchase from us prior to delivery!
Price from: POA

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 4310

Product Description

Kirncroft Personnel Doors are the industry standard security doors offered by 90% of our yards nationwide. We offer a wide range of doors, access and conversion options whether you need a personnel door to fit yourself on site or if you want us to fit it prior to delivery it can certainly be done.

kirncroft doorKirncroft personnel doors are offered alongside our other budget shipping container personnel doors. The budget doors are more cost effective if you are fitting them yourself but with the Kirncroft doors we can offer to fit them for you in our depot prior to delivery.

These doors are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in which security, quality and cost are all essential requirements. They are specified extensively for a wide range of applications including: Shipping Containers and other anti-vandal steel cabins, modular buildings, steel framed buildings and general building projects. Many different sizes are available and with optional extras such as louvre vents and vision panels (£POA). These doors really are a great option when the container cargo doors are just too big and heavy duty. Kirncroft personnel doors are supplied with 6 keys at no extra charge.

Prices and Delivery

We can either supply the door for you to fit yourself or, if you are also purchasing a shipping container from Budget Shipping Containers, we can fit it for you into the container prior to delivery. If you are purchasing a refurbished or new one trip unit, this service will include a ‘paint match’ as best we can to the colour of your shipping container. If you have purchased a used shipping container, which will come in its original shipping line liveries, we will paint match as best we can to its original colour but cannot absolutely guarantee a paint match – we usually just paint for protection.

Supplied Only

Please be aware when we SUPPLY ONLY the prices are less as we do not have to take into account labour and consumables.

890mm x 2095mm 10 point locking personnel door – £365.00 + VAT*

910mm x 2065mm 10 point locking personnel door – £379.00 + VAT*

990mm x 2095mm 10 point locking personnel door – £381.00 + VAT*

1110mm x 2065mm 10 point locking personnel door – £442.00 + VAT*

1210mm x 2065mm 10 point locking personnel door – £456.00+ VAT*

*all of the above prices include delivery to any mainland UK address.

All our ‘supply only’ orders are delivered directly to a UK address of your choice – England, Scotland (excluding the Highlands) and Wales, usually within 3-5 working days.

Supplied and Fitted (prior to delivery)

We can SUPPLY AND FIT a Kirncroft personnel door in almost any depot nationwide and prices will be there or there abouts the same. However, because of the economies of scale of certain depots they can offer doors to be fitted at a much more competitive rate.

Below are price brackets of what you can expect a FITTED Kirncroft personnel door to cost. Nothing is set in stone i’m afraid but hopefully this will give you an idea of whether it is something you want us to do, or you to do. Remember… we only fit bits to containers that are purchased from Budget Shipping Containers and prior to delivery. We do not offer a site visit service after a container has been delivered.

890mm x 2095mm – between £450.00 and £575.00 + VAT

910mm x 2065mm – between £500.00 and £625.00 + VAT

990mm x 2095mm – between £525.00 and £650.00 + VAT

1110mm x 2065mm – between £550.00 and £675.00 + VAT

1210mm x 2065mm – between £570.00 and £695.00 + VAT

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Personnel Door Certification and Testing

Our Shipping Container Personnel Access Doors have been tested to current EN standards to demonstrate compliance with UK & European regulations thus allowing our customers to specify our products with the utmost confidence.

Thermal insulation
u value = 1.8W/m2K
EN 10077-1:2003

Stainless steel handles
Grade 3
BS EN 1906:2010

10-point locking system
prEN 15685

Euro cylinder
EN 1906:2005

Stainless steel hinges
EN 1935:2002/AC:2003

Resistance to repeated opening and closing
50,000 cycles BS EN 1191:2000

Acoustic rating
32 (-2;-7) dB ISO 10140-2

Door Construction

Shipping Container Personnel Access Doors are designed and manufactured to fantastic standards:

  • Door skins – 1mm primed galvanised steel
  • Frame – 2mm primed galvanised steel
  • Threshold – stainless steel
  • Door and frame profile – Rebated to produce a natural astragal

The internal construction of these Personnel Access Doors sets them apart from the competition:

  • Door leaf insulation – Polyurethane foam injection
  • Door frame insulation – Polyurethane foam injection
  • Steel subframe and strengtheners
  • 4mm roundbar steel mesh throughout the door
  • 3mm steel backing plates for auxiliary furniture fixing
  • 2mm steel lock protection box
  • Anti-drill plates
  • Stainless steel locking rod tube
  • Galvanised steel locking rods

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