Shipping container lights (Magnetic fix, Motion sensor)

  • Self contained lighting units for shipping containers
  • 10ft/3 metre motion sensor range
  • Min 120 Lumens when charged
  • Magnetic back of light for fixing to a container roof plus a ‘3M’ adhesive strip for mounting to non-magnetic surfaces
  • 3 Motion sensor modes:

1. Always on: providing a constant steady light as a torch

2. Motion & light sensor mode: Auto switches on when detecting motion in darkness

3. Only motion sensor mode: Auto switch on/off in darkness and bright place

  • When in any motion sensory mode they auto turn off with motion for 18-20 seconds
  • 120-degree sensing range
  • 33x LED light with low consumption 2400mAh lithium rechargeable battery
  • Expected battery life 2 – 6 months depending on usage
Price from: £49.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

These wireless shipping container lights are ideal for use in all types of storage containers. With an extra-strong magnet strip included on the back these will stick and hold to your container roof, allowing for super easy and safe installation. The motion sensor will detect any movement and turn on the light when needed allowing you to move or work inside your shipping container with added safety. These lights will also help save a small fortune versus fitted electrics. They also include a ‘3M’ sticky back strip if being used on aluminium containers (or the cupboard under the stairs!) Being very diverse these really can be used for any type of storage solution needing light.

They are exceptionally easy to use and set up. This short video shows how:

Our shipping container lights have 33 LEDs in each lighting unit. They come fitted with a 120 degree motion sensor that will be activated from 10ft/3metres away from the light. This light puts out enough light to help you safely navigate through an otherwise dark shipping container. We recommend 1 lighting unit per 10 feet of container.

Recharged via micro USB lead in 4 – 6 hours. Using LED’s they are very efficient on power and if being used 1 – 3 times per day (for a few minutes at a time), we would expect standard battery life to last over 3-months. (please note customer’s usage of shipping containers will vary dramatically – this is only an indication on what we would expect average use to be).

With basic electrics packages for a shipping container starting at around £500.00 + VAT, if you want lighting inside your container for better access and safety these lights offer a good quality but very cost effective alternative. These are also easier and very cheap for large sites to install – They require no instillation other than holding them against the metal surface where you want them.

No drilling, working at heights, no putting drill holes in the roof of your container (which can shorten its life or promote leaks).

The only catch is they will need to be removed for recharging. Or, you could use a portable USB power bank to re-charge your lights.

Operating Instructions

Our Shipping Container lights are very easy to set up and have 3 primary sensor modes:

  1. Always On Mode (providing a constant steady light as a torch): To activate turn on the light holding in the button in for 1-2 seconds.
  2. Motion & Light Sensor Mode (Auto switches on when detecting motion in darkness): To activate turn on the light by pressing and releasing the button for less than 1 second. The light indicator will flash green to confirm Motion & Light Sensor Mode is on
  3. Motion Sensor Only Mode (Auto switches on/off in darkness and bright places): To activate, when the light is already in Motion & Light Sensor Mode press and release the button for less than 1 second again. The light indicator will flash red to confirm Motion Sensor Only Mode is on.

Most customers will find that setting 2 is good for general use. One you have selected your setting you simply need to place them against the steel wall or roof of the container and they will stick into place with the magnets on the back.

Press and hold button for 2 seconds to turn off. When charging the light indicator will be dark blue. When fully charged the light indicator will be dark red.

Using Our Shipping Container lights with an insulation kit

If you are planning to use one of our insulation kits, you will need an additional set of magnets to ensure there is enough magnetic force to hold the lights up against the roof. We have sourced and tested a set of additional magnets to help secure the shipping container lights. These extra magnets need placing between the insulation kit and the container roof, which will then add extra magnetic force to help secure your light.

You will require 2 additional magnets per lighting unit. Prices for additional magnets are listed below. please ensure you make clear on any order that you need these extra magnets (especially in cases where the insulation kit might be ordered separately). Please ensure you have the lights and extra magnets in hand before fitting the insulation kit.

Prices for Shipping Container Lights

Lighting Kit Option Price for Lights (inc Delivery) Price for additional Magnets (if lights are to be used with an insulation kit)
10ft shipping container lighting Kit (1 unit) £49.00 + VAT £5 + VAT
20ft shipping container lighting kit (2 units) £84.00 + VAT £7 + VAT
30ft shipping container lighting kit (3 units) £114.00 + VAT £9 + VAT
40ft / 45ft shipping container lighting kit (4 units) £139.00 + VAT £10 + VAT

Prices quoted include UK mainland delivery unless otherwise stated.

For UK (non-mainland) delivery add £15.00 + VAT surcharge for offshore islands (UK mainland deliveries typically arrive within 5-working days).

For EU Deliveries please add £25.00 + VAT surcharge (EU deliveries typically arrive within 7-working days).

If being used with one of our insulation kits, Please add £5 + VAT for the supply of additional fixing magnets for any volume up to 4 lighting units. (these extra magnets ensure that the insulation kit will fix tot he metal through the insulation layer).

We will of course advise at the time of any order if we are low or out of stock (i.e. if we expect not to meet these timescales).

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