Shipping Container Lights

  • 17.8 x 10.4 x 4.6 cm
  • 24 LED’s
  • Comes with Magnet and Hook
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (Pre Installed in this set)
  • 82g Item Weight
  • Perfect for site storage containers, Sheds, Camping and work stations.
  • Bulk Orders Welcome
Price from: £14.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 5430

Product Description

Battery powered shipping container lights. Each lamp has 24 LEDs and comes with a hook and magnets allowing it to hang from cargo hooks in a container or be stuck to the side of a container wall. These battery powered shipping container light are a fantastically cost effective lighting solution for your container, garage, home and camping trips! They offer a super bright 24 LED’s and will provide ample lighting for your 20ft shipping container at night of when very dark.

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paypal-checkout-buttonAlready made your decision? You can buy it now by calling us on freephone 0808 1234 215 and quoting reference 5430 or by visiting our ebay store where we offer the same prices as below but with the ease of a few clicks.

We’re on ebay as budgetshippingcontainers-freephone08081234215; you can click this link to take you straight to our shop or click the button above to go straight through to purchase our most popular “3 pack of 24 LED lights”


3x 24 LED Shipping Container Light = £14.00 + VAT (minimum suggested for a 20ft shipping container)

6x 24 LED Shipping Container Light = £25.00 + VAT (minimum suggested for a 40ft shipping container)

For larger quantities please do Contact us for prices and info

Other Information

Supplied with 3x AAA batteries per lamp, these compact lightweight lights pack a surprising punch and easily allow for safer working and moving inside a shipping container when dark. These battery powered shipping container lights are ideal for sites who only occasionally want to go inside their container to get their gear. As basic ‘plumbed in’ electrics (connected to your power supply on site) generally start at around £600 + VAT these battery powered alternatives are ideal for the less regular user. These battery powered shipping container lights can be easily used as handheld torches if your container is ramp packed and if there are lots of dark corners you need to look into.

For many sites who occasionally use their containers, or for sites which are very remote and may not have access to mains power easily these battery powered LED lights offer a cost effective and very bright solution, easily giving enough light for safe and straight forward movement inside the shipping container.

3 shipping container magnetic lightsNot as well suited for anyone using their shipping container on a very regular basis. If you wanted to use the container as a workshop or similar you wouldn’t want to be changing the batteries around in the shipping container lights every few hours, and we do not feel these offer enough light for working by. If you need shipping container lighting to work by our professionally installed mains lighting and electrical points may then be a better option for you.

The hook and magnet on the reverse of these shipping contianer lights allows you to hang on the lashing points of a shipping container or connect them to the container wall. A simple on/off button feature allows you to work hands free inside the shipping container. They are sturdy, solid and well built and come with CE Marking (European standards met)

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