Shipping Container Lock Boxes (Self fit)

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Product Reference: 3558
  • Easy to install, self fit lock box
  • Ideal for fitting to a container¬†already on site
  • 4 gauge steel construction
  • Prevents forced entry¬†through vulnerable padlock jimmying (chisels, crow bars)
  • Prevents¬†forced entry through cutting tools (bolt-cutters, angle grinders)
  • Our high security 80mm squire padlock fits perfectly
  • External size (mm): 200H x 270W x 70D
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Online ordering now available, please check ordering notes at the bottom of the product description for more info.
Price from: £85.00 +VAT
Quantity Price
1 - 2 £85.00 each +VAT
3 - 5 £80.00 each +VAT

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Product Description

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Shipping container lock boxes (or cowl lock housing) are essentially anti-vandal padlock surrounds which¬†fit to the cargo doors¬†of your container to cover your padlock. The lock box encloses the padlock so it is only accessible from the underside ‚Äď very popular with containers being used for storage.


  • 1 or 2 Self fit Shipping Container Lock Box – ¬†¬£85 + ¬†VAT each
  • 3 – 5 Self fit Shipping Container Lock Box – ¬£80 + VAT each
  • Other multiples available but price on request.

All of the above prices include delivery to any UK mainland address

How to fit a ‘bolt on’ lock box

Centre the drill template provided over the closed container door at the desired height and make sure level. Then mark the four drill points on the container with a centre punch and carefully drill out. pilot hole with a small drill bit and work up to large. Drill slowly using a very low RPM to prevent damaging the drill bit. Shipping Containers are made of Corten steel. If you overheat the drill bit and warm up the metal it may become even harder to drill through! Bore out the holes as necessary

Once holes and complete test the bolts go through both outer and inner door skins. Then, once happy, thread the bolts through the lock box holes. Apply a small amount of silicone to the surround of the holes drilled creating almost a washer of silicone. Offer up and fit the lock box (now with the bolts threaded through) to the container. Pushing the protruding bolts off the lock box through the holes drilled in the container. Spin on nuts loosely to hold into position. The silicone will create a decent watertight seal (not necessary but belt and braces!) Fit the RH shroud on the right door and LH hasp on the left door. Line up and double check operation before tightening each nut completely.

Once happy with position secure the RH shroud with 2 of the supplied nuts and washers using a spanner or socket. Using the remaining 2 supplied bolts, nuts and washers secure the LH hasp in the same way. Then you’re done! Close the doors, test and wipe away any excess silicone. There may be a little adjustment necessary but this is done by loosening then re-tightening each nut in turn to make sure the box doesn’t twist in any direction on tightening.

Do I need a lock box?

We would always recommend, if you are using the container for site storage use, to get a lock box and either¬†one of our¬†Shipping Container padlocks or our insurance rated Squire padlocks. With a lock box and a padlock it gives you piece of mind that your container is highly secure and the complete ‚Äėsecurity package‚Äô.

When purchasing used containers¬†these lock boxes are a great addition to keep your belongings more safe and secure. Although our standard ‘weld on’ lock boxes are either factory fitted or welded on¬†in the depot prior to the container being delivered, if you already have a container onsite without a lock box this product is ideal. Furthermore, these lock boxes can be added to a shipping containers at any time. For example, if you bought a container a few years ago and have only recently started storing something valuable in it, a self fit shipping container lock box will save you expense of having an standard one welded in. A simple self-fit product that includes instructions and a drill template.

If you purchase a ‚Äėone trip‚Äô new container from us there will already be a slim line lock box fitted! (slim line boxes are built and fitted within the ISO standard dimensions¬†so the container can still be shipped, larger lock boxes can extend beyond the allowed dimensions and cannot be used for export purposes).

All our used containers are sourced from shipping lines or leasing companies, so there are no lock boxes on them as standard, it is entirely your choice.

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