Shipping Container Moisture Traps

  • Easy to use and minimal space occupied
  • Very long shelf life
  • Each Absorpole holds up to 2 litres of captured moisture – when the pole becomes full it can be taken out and disposed of in the regular waste.
  • Environmentally friendly product with no hazardous or toxic materials. 100% Recyclable
  • Suitable for everything from textiles and leather to electronics and machinery
  • Effective range (-20 degrees C to +80 degrees C)
  • Made out of recycled plastic
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • EU Deliveries available £POA
  • BUY IT NOW on Ebay with Paypal (see below)
Price from: £14.75 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 2363 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

We supply the market leading range of shipping container moisture traps called Absorpole. These are moisture absorbing products that are used in storage units and containers. They are a really simple and effective method of protecting your goods in storage from potential moisture problems. Absorpoles are very easy to use and designed to be hung on the container wall (so it wont get in the way or take up any valuable storage space). Once opened they start working and will continue to suck up any moisture from the air for approx 12 weeks.

You can see a neat video on our Absorpoles here which should tell you all you need to know:

Buy it now

paypal-checkout-buttonAlready made your decision? You can buy it now by calling us on freephone 0808 1234 215 and quoting reference 2363 or by visiting our ebay store. (prices may be slightly higher on eBay due to ebay commission and payment processing charges).

We’re on ebay as budgetshippingcontainers-freephone08081234215; you can click this link to take you straight to our shop or click the button above to go straight through to purchase a single Absorpole.

If you prefer not to purchase via eBay we can process these requests ourselves. Please email us with your order (the number of poles you want) plus your invoice address and your delivery address. We will reply within a few working hours with a proforma invoice. Once paid we will despatch the Moisture Traps for you – typically the same or the next working day.


We recommend that for a 20ft container you use anything from 2-6 Absorpoles and for a 40ft anything from 6-12 Absorpoles.

container moisture desiccantPOPULAR PACKS

  • 1x Absorpole £30.00 + VAT*
  • ’20ft Pack’ (4x Absorpoles) £70.00 + VAT
  • ’40ft Pack’ (8x Absorpoles) £120.00 + VAT
  • ‘Booster Pack’ (12x Absorpoles) £170.00 + VAT


  • ‘Economy pack’ (20x Absorpoles) £295.00 + VAT

*All of the above prices include delivery to any UK address, with a typical circa 3 working day delivery. (please see below for more information post brexit)

Premier Next Day Deliveries are also available starting from an additional £35.00 + VAT for up to 8x Absorpoles. However we will need the order and payment in before midday, that is our next day cut off point. (next day delivery service is currently suspended due to shipment delays from NI)

EU Deliveries available on request, approx £15.00 + VAT premium on a single Absorpole, reducing to approx £10.00 + VAT per pole on larger orders.

Post Brexit shipping info

Updated 14/01/2020

These goods are shipped from Northern Ireland.

Currently shipments to mainland UK are running smoothly, but we are currently suggesting to expect a 3-5 working day lead time in the short term as the shipping situation from NI is currently very fluid and delays may be experienced at short notice. The same also applies for deliveries into ROI

Currently there are no price increases due to shipping costs and problems.

We have very good stocks in hand locally and stand ready to help with any orders. We will update this section if things change, but please plan for slightly longer deliveries in the short term where possible.

More Information

Absorpoles are moisture absorbing products (desiccants) that are used in storage units and shipping containers worldwide. ‘Condensation’ and ‘damp’ are two words people hate associating with containers. There are various options and preventative solutions to reduce (and to some extent completely prevent) moisture build up within your container (most of which are listed her in our ultimate guide for condensation prevention)

These Absorpoles are ideal for shippers and exporters who want to keep their cargo free of any condensation or moisture damage during their shipment. This could be to help remove moisture from shipments including Textiles and Leather, Wood & Paper products, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic, Glass and Metal, Electronics and Machinery. These shipping container moisture traps are extremely straightforward to use, making them idea for large cargo shipping operations.

The amount of water can be periodically measured if needed once it has collected in the lower blue collector.

These Absorpoles also work very well for temporary secure storage project. A common example: keeping your household contents dry when stored inside a shipping container during a house conversion or similar

Absorpoles are the market leading shipping container moisture traps. Absorpoles are well established and have been in use in the shipping industry for a number of years. They are a very well tested and reliable product. Due to their length and the hook on top you should not need to use a ladder to install these in a standard height or high cube shipping container.

If you would like an example please click here to read about AGA rangemaster and their experience using our Absorpoles for their export project. For for more information please contact us.


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