Shipping Container Multi-store

  • Available in 20ft, 30ft and 40ft options on request
  • 9ft 6 high cube options also available
  • For site storage use only
  • Original cargo doors at one end (can be removed at additional cost)
  • Durable marine grade paint finish
  • We may have Green and Blue options ready to go – please ask!
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 3688 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Shipping Container Multi-store units are a fantastic option for any self storage site looking for multiple small units without the price tag that usually comes with them.

Shipping containers generally come in 20ft and 40ft options and the most cost effective way of making smaller units is by cutting these down to length (for example to create 8ft or 10ft containers.) So, if for example a self-store site wanted eight ‘small’ units, for the customers who don’t want to pay for a standard 20ft store or only wanted to store smaller items, buying all those individual units for a relatively small weekly income can get very expensive. Converting a larger container into separate stores may work out much more cost effective.

Five 8ft stores or eight 5ft stores in one single 40ft container can save you over £2000 on buying the units individually and will give a much more finished overall feel to the yard – rather than having small units here, there and everywhere they’re all in one place!

We can create any number of stores (within reason) out of any size shipping container. In the main photo you can see a 20ft one trip shipping container in green which has been divided into five 4ft x 8ft x 8’6” rooms. The end room was actually slightly bigger than the rest because it had both personnel door access and cargo door access. Other popular shipping container multi-store options are 40ft’s being divided into eight 5ft x 8ft x 8’6” rooms or quite simply a 20ft into two 10fts!

20150610_142106There are other door options available as well, such as cargo doors (single 4ft wide cargo doors are used to create a ‘larger’ opening than a standard personnel door.) These are popular for customers storing larger items that usually could not fit through a standard personnel door (boxes or motor vehicles/parts). Typically, these come at a premium but again is much more cost effective than buying individual units.

20ft-container-with-roller-shutters-closed 2Roller Shutter multi-stores are another option we can do. While roller shutters aren’t the cheapest door option they will offer unobstructed access to any multi-store when, say a door cant open because of blocking a walkway or where users are often in their stores at the same time and open doors are blocking each others access.

It never hurts to contact us with your project, ideas or specific requirements and we’ll see what advice we can offer. With great experience and competitive prices for all types of container conversions, hopefully we can help out!

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