Shipping Container Painting

Product Reference: 2517
  • Custom shipping container painting
  • Available on any shipping container we offer
  • Most colours and shades available*
  • Adds life and improves general appearance
  • Most colours in stock or available on order
  • High quality marine grade paint used
  • Available in all major depot locations

*We have a page detailing the popular and standard RAL colour codes, including example photos of the most popular paint shades in use on shipping containers. Please go to our shipping container colours page for more information.

Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 2517 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Shipping container painting is a very common way to extend the life of a used shipping container. Also repainting a shipping container makes it look smarter and neater. It may also be necessary for a specific use or to match company colours or similar.

We offer shipping container painting in all our depots. We commonly hold popular shades of blue and green in stock and a few other common colours, but we can also order any RAL colour code of paint you require. Note: Suppliers of marine grade paint only work to RAL colour codes, so if you have a different colour scheme code (e.g. BS colours) we would need to ask you to pick the matching RAL colour code. This removes any ambiguity for us in the middle leaving a colour ‘open to interpretation’ can mean unhappy customers so this is why we insist you tell us please!

The basic shipping container painting price usually involves a quick blow over only. We will give the outside a quick jet wash or similar first to remove any peeling paint and dirt. Surface rust doesn’t really need rubbing down as the COR-TEN steel construction means any surface rust is in itself non porous so rubbing down the surface rust won’t make any significant different to the ageing of the container. (i.e. rust on shipping containers is a protective layer in its own right. Rubbing down this surface rust prior to a repaint won’t add additional life although it will improve the surface cosmetics)

We do also offer a ‘premium’ repaint option where we mask offf the door seals and locking rods before repainting. With used shipping containers we may also spend more time preparing the surface before repainting. This additional work for the premium repaint does not add any additional lifespan or help the shipping container function better, but its does give a better cosmetic finish, ideal for higher end conversions that may be on display to the public or similar.  You can read more details on this in our recent blog post detailing the differences between our standard and premium repainting options.

Anything can be done and a few hours spent rubbing down the surface rust can have the shipping container looking much cleaner overall. We can also add prime coats and base layers if you need exact shade matching for a specific purpose. As with anything, in such a competitive industry anything is possible but the more work involved then the higher the cost.

Top tips to consider when getting your shipping container repainted :

  • Surface rust is not rubbed down as a matter of course on used containers prior to a repaint
  • We use marine grade paint, a very hard wearing and very durable paint finish. This will improve cosmetics on a used container and also add a little additional life.
  • Masking up the locking rods and the door rubbers prior to a repaint will improve the cosmetic condition only, and will often not be included in the basic repaint price.
  • Darker shades of paint will show up any dinks and dents less well than lighter shades
  • We do over-spray the original container colour without an additional base coat. base coats can be added at extra cost but we often suggest this isn’t necessary
  • Repainting a shipping container will add to the lead time – at best it will take a couple of days to repaint the container and let the paint dry – it may take up to 2 weeks if we need to order in a special paint colour for you and if we are also busy with other planned in works.

*See our shipping container colours page detailing the popular and standard RAL colour codes, including example photos of the most popular paint shades in use on shipping containers.

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