Heavy Duty Shipping Container Personnel Doors

  • 3 sizes available (see ‘sizes and prices’ below)
  • grey primer finish
  • 6 keys supplied as standard
  • High quality draught and weather proof seals
  • 3 Stainless steel heavy duty hinges
  • DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant threshold
  • Anti jemmy bar lip all around the door leaf, including the hinge side
  • Thick chrome plated mild steel lever handles
  • High security heavy duty 14 point locking shoot bolt mechanism:
    – 3 shoot bolts into top of frame
    – 8 shoot bolts into latching side of frame
    – 3 shoot bolts through bottom threshold into structure below
  • Including the 4 dog bolts and latch, 19 points secure the door leaf in the frame
  • Internal frame welded case work to protect shoot bolts from falling debris
  • Drill and impact resistant locking system
  • Euro profile cylinder with unique key system
Price from: £365.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 2358 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Budget Shipping Containers supply a wide range of shipping container personnel doors suitable for almost any purpose! This is our shipping container personnel door which is our most cost effective range along with the shipping container fire exit door and, as well as coming in wider variations, they all have DDA compliant thresholds so wheelchair access never has to be an issue if used with a ramp.

Our DIY personnel doors are a higher security alternative to PVC doors and perfect for use on shipping containers. Together with the 14 points of locking, the 4 dog bolts and the latch, 19 points hold the steel door leaf securely in its frame. They are supplied with 1 master key and 5 normal keys as standard (see below section ‘keys’ at the very bottom of the page)

It has draught and weather seals pre-fitted, so you don’t need to worry about compromising the wind and water tight guarantee you already get from our containers with a sub-standard door. The doors are anti-vandal, drill and impact proof. Also the locking system has been manufactured for external use (meaning they’re designed to be water tight and weatherproof)

Steel material used on the door frame is 2mm galvanised and on the door leaf Double skinned 1mm galvanised steel. All finished in a grey primer finish which can be used as a base coat to be painted directly over.

Not only do you get your choice of door size (below), you can also choose whether, looking from the outside, the hinges are on the left or the right and whether the door opens inwards or outwards*

* If the door set is fitted to open inwards a compatible rain drip must be purchased separately to ensure weatherproof (see the ‘Accessories’ section below.) The security of the door is also slightly reduced when fitted to open inwards.


This is a supplied only product. With every sale we offer out a fitting guide and can provide specific measurements and technical information of a purchased door upon request.

Sizes and Prices

Please be aware these doors are SUPPLIED AND DELIVERED ONLY. As above, they are DIY doors and require you to fit them to your container yourself. If you would like one of these doors fitting to your container by our depots please contact us and we will be more than happy to quote you (as prices/type of door will vary slightly dependent on depot).

  • 910mm x 2065mm  14 point locking personnel door – £365.00 + VAT
  • 1110mm x 2065mm  14 point locking personnel door – £415.00 + VAT
  • 1210mm x 2065mm 14 point locking personnel door – £435.00 + VAT


All of the above prices include delivery. Our ‘supply only’ orders are delivered directly to a UK address of your choice – England, Scotland (excluding the Highlands) and Wales on a 3-5 day delivery service from point of payment. Orders to the Highlands, Ireland and the Isles are an additional cost and available upon request.


If you have the capability and you want to collect yourself you can. Our warehouse is in Birmingham but you will have to contact us and arrange what you want (so we can check we have everything in stock and available for you) and arrange payment prior to arrival. Payment will be needed in advance for any purchase. However, you can save a fair bit if you did collect your door yourself, details below:

-£40.00 off your door price if you collect in person (hand ball)

-£30.00 off your door price if you collect by your own arranged courier (we will wrap as a parcel for you)

-£25.00 off your door price if you collect by your own arranged pallet freight (we will palletise for you)


Our budget personnel door accessories are very popular and we can offer the below prices when accessories are purchased alongside at least one door from Budget Shipping Containers. The single items (such as code lock, rain drip set, door closer, escutcheon, push plate, side and overhead panels, and the drop bar kit) are all supplied only, much like the doors they will need fitting by the client DIY. The vision panels and louvre vents however will be supplied and fitted to the door prior to dispatch for the price below (adding circa 10 working days to the lead time) – if you want a price to just supply the vision panels or vents just ask!

Item Picture Price
Code Lock £165.00 + VAT
Rain Deflector Drip set £45.00 + VAT
Vision Panel 225×225 £150.00 + VAT
Vision Panel 225×530 £175.00 + VAT
Vision Panel 530×530 £195.00 + VAT
Vision Panel 225×1524 £205.00 + VAT
Louvre Vent 327×327 £140.00 + VAT
Louvre Vent 479×479 £155.00 + VAT
Louvre Vent 479×1546 £285.00 + VAT


Provided with the door set is a set of 8 keys, to be used with the euro profile cylinder also provided. 2 keys are ‘fitter’s keys’, 1 key is a master key, and the remaining 5 keys are normal keys. Once the master key is used (after fitting has been completed using the fitter keys) the lock will be set to reject the fitter’s keys. The 2 fitter’s keys become useless at this point, leaving the remaining 6 keys (1 master key and 5 normal keys) only capable of opening the lock. If you’re not fitting yourself and you’re subcontracting your fitters, these fitter keys can eliminate the chances of them coming back with a copied or spare fitter’s key – extra security!

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