Shipping Container Side Removal & Reinforcement

Product Reference: 3586
  • Sides can be removed on shipping containers for full unobstructed access
  • Reinforcement would be provided as necessary
  • Typically made to order with a circa 2 week lead time
  • Perfect for a project with specific requirements
  • Longer containers (30ft or 40ft) may have a pillar for extra support
  • All work is carried out in our depot prior to your container being delivered
Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 3586 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am ‚Äď 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Our depots are equipped to offer a full range of customised shipping containers and with every project being different from another we like to hear what yours is all about. As is always sensible, it never hurts to give us a call to chat through some options.

The majority of our nationwide depots can remove the sides, ends, tops or even bottoms of shipping containers to suit whatever project you may have in mind. If we are removing too large a section we will also reinforce the container as necessary. One of our most popular conversions involving removing sides and cutting holes is to make our shipping container smoking shelters.

Various options are available from a single doorway to the whole side being removed. We’d recommend calling us to discuss your project in the first instance – with a wide range of options it we often find it easier to talk an idea through with you and make recommendations once we have a clearer idea of your plans.

Standard shipping containers are¬†made with the intention of being used to export goods,¬†which means the whole container is specifically designed to contribute to load distribution. Once a container has been modified in any way this becomes compromised and the unit is no longer valid for export use. Whether that is a side removed or a small¬†vent you’ve added yourself, the container is not valid for shipping once modified.

If you are using a shipping container for storage however, they can be cut up, welded and modified to your hearts content! If they are not going on a ship with goods in that’s fine. When removing the sides and reinforcing it would be preferred for us not to touch the corner castings. It just makes lifting and unloading the container on your site so much easier. If the corner castings for any reason are removed we will fit additional lugs so the container can still be lifted, loaded in our depot and unloaded at your site by our Hiab cranes. Any questions about delivery of course get in touch or check out our container deliveries page.

Its important to note if joining up 2 shipping containers to make a single space, our belief is that the majority of such structures would require planning permission in the UK as it would no longer class as a temporary or portable structure.

Some of our other popular requests include: Additional doors (personnel, cargo or roller shutter doors) and / or windows, lights and electrical points, partitions, new paintwork, additional vents, container insulation & condensation treatment, plumbing (including fitting of toilets, showers, kitchen units as required, air conditioning, additional security options (container lock boxes, high security container padlocks, window guards and alarms)

If your just looking for a shipping container and want to browse the options please feel free to browse our online catalogue of shipping containers for sale.

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