Shipping Container Staircases (Cargo Doors)

2 Colour Finish
2 Colour Finish
Product Reference: 3550
  • Shipping container cargo door access staircase
  • 13 tread as standard
  • Complete staircase and 2500mm x 2500mm landing/loading area
  • rated 1000kg capacity (larger ratings on request)
  • 10-14 days from point of payment
  • Chequerplate floor and totally finished in black
  • Includes handrails, framework and heavy duty wheels
  • Ideal for access to stacked container cargo doors
  • Can easily be handled and maneuvered to access different containers
Price from: £3,795.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 3550 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Budget Shipping Containers now offer a comprehensive range of made-to-order shipping container staircases for access to cargo doors. With each customer potentially having a different requirement we thought it was essential that custom-built staircases were an option for us to offer but alongside those here are our ‘self-store yard’ style double-stacked access staircase.

The staircase illustrated here consists of a set of shipping container cargo door access stairs and a landing/loading area designed for two standard height shipping containers stacked on top of one another. It consists of 13 steps, chequer plate floor and is finished all over in black although other colours are available on request. It also includes all the handrails, landing/loading area, all supporting framework, a steering/jockey wheel and two heavy-duty wheels. Ideal for double-stacked shipping containers on a self-storage site.

This design is our standard. We can of course add to, amend and alter to suit your requirements and re-quote accordingly. The first extra we can offer is the addition of a fold down flap which has proved a very popular extra for clients wanting to bridge and hide the gap between staircase and container. Only an additional £75.00 + VAT


Length of the framework (excluding jockey-wheel at the front and the first step at the rear) 5275mm

Height to platform 2600mm

Total width 2500mm (maybe slightly wider with the addition of the fold-down flap)

Platform size 2500mm x 2500mm

Step width 1295mm

Platform weight capacity 1000kg

Please Check…

As with all things container-related it is essential the ground where the staircase will be used and positioned is suitable. The legs will need support from hard standing ground, ideally concrete.

If you are having your staircase installed by us, please keep the work area and container doors clear for our vehicle to gain access (typically a ford transit with a huge trailer with the staircase on). Please do not have the container covered in, surrounded by or full of goods. We will need clear unobstructed access to outside and inside to erect staircases.

The heavy-duty wheels we fit are typically pneumatic and will operate on hard-standing ground, concrete or even pea gravel very well. Larger stones; it will work but not fantastically. Other surfaces; again may work but not fantastically and you’ll likely need more than the recommended two people to operate and move safely.

Please note – these staircases quoted below are designed to be used with ‘standard’ shipping containers (8ft wide and 8’6” high – please let us know if you have high cubes and we can of course quote accordingly).

Aluminium Staircase
Staircase in Aluminium

As described above these stairs are perfect for self-storage yards and, because they are designed to take a good amount of loading weight and have castor wheels for movement, they can be used by pretty much all of the customers storing on the top row. So typically, depending on the size of your yard, one set of these stairs will do!

As always it never hurts to contact us to see if we have anything available ready to go or if you have any questions. If something is being stored in the top container(s) which is particularly heavy let us know and we can ensure we quote accordingly (reinforced, thicker steel etc). We can also make these in Aluminium if preferred, this is lighter but more expensive, please ask for a quote.

Prices & Delivery

Standard staircase for Cargo Door loading and access £3795.00 + delivery + VAT

(similar to the stairs pictured although may vary slightly in design)


Cargo Stairs
2 Colour Finish

Fold-down flap to bridge and hide the gap between staircase and container £75 + VAT

2 colour paintwork £375 + VAT

Delivery prices are available upon request and are subject to your UK address. Our delivery charge will be based on a normal weekday only during the hours of 7.30 am to 5.30 pm, delivery outside of these days and times will be charged at a higher rate.

Delivery/transport time is not included in the lead time shown above – it is typically an additional 2-3 working days. Also please note – because stairs are a very odd-shaped load the delivery of the equipment is subject to road traffic conditions and the highways authorities’ approval for movement on wide or high loads where applicable (we haven’t come across it before but in the unlikely event that we cannot deliver your goods to you we will get in touch at the earliest convenience).

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