Shipping Container Starter Pack

White Light - Always On Mode
White Light - Always On Mode
Product Reference: 5417

Starter-pack ideal for first time Shipping Container Buyers

  • Magnetic, motion sensor shipping container lights
  • Sea Dry Condensation Dessicants with Hooks
  • Shipping Container Padlock with 2 keys.

When purchased with a shipping container from

Price from: £120.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 5417 or request a callback.

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Product Description

Introducing our shipping container starter packs! This accessory package is perfect for customers who are buying a container for the first time and need that added piece of mind that there cargo will be dry, secure and easily visible once inside. All these items in our starter packs are available individually if required.

We always have plenty of people asking about condensation build up in their containers. This is why we are providing 2x Seadry moisture traps (Usually £28.60 +VAT for 2) to give you 3 months of dry storage! Seadry hooks are a fantastic and very cost effective desiccant for shipping containers as well as nearly any other enclosed space with moisture build up problems. Great for preventing any condensation build up inside a shipping container.

They work very much like a Silica gel pouch you may get in a new bag or with some new clothes (but on a much larger scale), these Seadry condensation desiccants absorb any moisture from the air and trap it within the individual pouches.

All you need to do is simply remove the small tab from the rear of each Seadry pouch and they start absorbing moisture from the air immediately. Each hook can absorb approx 1.2 litres of fluid or twice the weight. This is simply a must have for anyone storing furniture, cardboard, fabrics and any other items that need protecting from water damage.


Security is also a major of concern for the majority of our customers. Whilst we can never guarantee someone cannot gain unlawful access, we can definitely make it difficult for unwanted intruders and deter any chancers. This is why we have added our shipping container padlock. (Usually £35.00 + VAT) to our stater pack. This padlock is 80mm wide and has a shrouded design made from hardened steel, which means, along with a lock box, it is very difficult for someone to go round and use a crow bar or bolt cutters to gain entry. It also has a 5 pin locking system which makes “lock picking” a tiresome and difficult task for the intruder.


Lighting up a shipping container can be costly. This is why we offer our Magnetic, motion sensor shipping container lights (usually £49.00 + VAT each) to go with our starter pack. These lights will illuminate a container with one light offering enough light for 1x 10ft section of container (so you’d need 1 light for a 10ft, 2 lights for a 20ft, 3 lights for a 30ft etc.) They fix magnetically onto the container side walls or ceiling and offer a very cost effective means to add light to your container at a fraction of the cost of mains powered electrics. No batteries, they charge via micro USB!


Prices & Buy it now

20ft Shipping Container Starter Pack £120.00 + VAT 

  • 2x magnetic, motion sensor shipping container lights
  • 2x Sea Dry Condensation Dessicants with Hooks
  • 1x Shipping Container Padlock with 2 keys.

(£171.60 + VAT when components purchased individually)



40ft Shipping Container Starter Pack £170.00 + VAT

  • 4x magnetic, motion sensor shipping container lights
  • 4x Sea Dry Condensation Dessicants with Hooks
  • 1x Shipping Container Padlock with 2 keys.

(£210.20 +VAT when components purchased individually)



As above, you can buy either of these packs now by calling us on freephone 0808 1234 215 and quoting reference 5417 or by visiting our ebay store where we offer the same prices as below but with the ease of a few clicks.

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