Shipping Container Touch Up Paint (5 Litre)

  • Apply with brush, roller or spray
  • Available to match any RAL colour
  • Covers 8m² per litre
  • Available in 5 litre or 20 litre sizes
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 4 year shelf life (when kept according to manufacturers guidelines)
  • Can paint directly onto steel
  • Can be applied in temperatures from 5°c to 50°c, drying time will be affected by low temperatures.
  • Delivery included
Price from: £69.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Shipping container touch up paint is the ideal solution to keep a container looking fresh and protected from the elements as part of your annual maintenance routine. This top quality marine grade paint is supplied and delivered at 2-3 working days notice throughout the UK and is ideal to paint over any small scrapes on both new and refurbished shipping containers.

New or ‘one trip’ shipping containers are the best quality shipping container available. But even though they are new quality and have made just one trip into the UK from the factories in China, they will still often have some paint scrapes around the end frames where port equipment has handled them, plus the potential for the odd dink or scrape in other places.

Similarly, while our refurbished containers are freshly repainted it’s also not impossible for small paint scrapes to happen whilst our driver has his chains connected and is lifting if off at your site, plus of course damage or wear may happen from time to time on any shipping container.

If you are after a container that looks as good as it possibly can be and that will last for as long as possible, keeping the paintwork in good order will help significantly with this.

We should mention that painting is purely a cosmetic fix. As shipping containers are built from a special anti-rust alloy of steel called COR-TEN steel, a minor scrape will not start rusting away quickly. When COR-TEN steel is exposed to the elements and a rust layer forms, this rust layer is non-porous (it doesn’t let water through) so the rust itself acts as protection for the rest of the steelwork.

However, plenty of customers would like the guarantee of an immaculate container, and whether buying new or refurbished, the best option for this is to use touch up paint on your container.

How to apply our Shipping Container Touch up paint

Our shipping container touch up paint provides good protection against water and abrasion, is flexible, and dries to a hard wearing semi gloss finish.

Primer is not required. Simply ensure that the surface to be painted is clean, dry, and free from old flaking paint or significant rust (surface rust is fine as mentioned above, but make sure the rust surface is smooth for best finish, this is likely more of a consideration on a new container).

Our touch up paint is available in the same choice of RAL colours as we offer for our repainted or refurbished containers, so you’ll be sure to find the shade that you need. If not give us a call – we’ll be happy to help (providing pictures of your container will also help so we can look up existing colour).

Please note that a colour match to existing paint cannot be guaranteed as there are small variations in precise shades between batches. Paint may also not match if the existing colour has faded, which will happen on all shipping containers. A used shipping container (typically 10-15 years old) will certainly have significant fading on the paintwork and it will be near impossible to find an exact paint match.

A complete external repaint for a 20ft container will require approx 20 litres of paint per coat, for a 40ft container allow 35 litres per coat. These estimates can be reduced by 25% if applying using a spray rather than a brush. You will need to add thinners to the paint if spraying. If repainting in the original colour then one coat is sufficient to give a good coverage, when applying a light colour over a dark one allow for an additional coat. These are approximate values for guidance only, but to be totally clear these values are taken from our yards advice and not our supplies sales literature (the sales literature suggests you can get twice the coverage than we generally see in practice).

For larger requirements we also offer a 20 litre tub of marine grade paint for shipping containers, or if you are looking at a much bigger order get in touch and we can look at bulk order options for you. Please check the links below for more info on our 20 litre option.

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