Shipping Containers with Skylights

Product Reference: 10401
  • 600mm square skylight for a shipping container
  • Available on any conversions in our London yard
  • Allows natural light into your shipping container
  • Ideal for offices, workshops, studios, retail units and garden rooms
  • Secure fixings with tamper-proof caps
  • Dome shaped to allow for water to drain off
Price from: £650.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 10401 or request a callback.

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Product Description

Skylights for shipping containers

We can now offer skylights for shipping containers as a conversion option in our London depot. These are available as a conversion option on any of our ranges.

This is a neat and easy option for adding a lot of additional natural light into a shipping container and is ideal for a range of higher end conversion options including offices and garden rooms, studios, workshops, retail units and more. They also allow a higher level of natural ventilation, which would be perfect for areas of higher humidity.

Prices will range as you would pay per skylight.

These UPVC skylights are dome shaped to allow for water to drain off and sit proud on the roof itself. They will add a few inches of additional height to your container. It is always worth considering if access is tight or if there are low bridges or similar on the way to your site because of the additional height.

They come with a winding handle to allow these to be opened and shut from inside – the skylights can be opened to 300mm. When closed these skylights are secure and will need significant effort to use as a means of entry into the container. We automatically include a larger handle on any high cube conversions to account for the additional ceiling height.

These are currently not available on most of our cladded ranges but we hope to introduce this option soon.

A number of skylights can be added if wanted to any shipping container conversion. They can be fitted wherever you want in the roof, so you can specify these to be fitted above where your desk or working space may sit if designing your own office, garden room, studio or similar. We can’t fit them right into any corner due to the position of the corner posts on the shipping container – so we would need to mount these a few inches in from any side.

Price advertised is for a skylight to be supplied and fitted to a shipping container and does not include the cost of the shipping container itself.

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