Shipping Container Accessories

Shipping container accessories – including lock boxes, padlocks, container bolts, racking, container canopies and ramps.

Lock Boxes

A lock box or cowl lock housing is fitted to the door of the container over the area where you would use a padlock. This encloses the padlock so it is only accessible from the underside of the box and helps prevent someone using a crowbar or similar to break the padlock and break in. These often come included on new build and refurbished containers, otherwise they are £50 + VAT if fitted prior to delivery, or from £35 + VAT if we post one to you to weld on and paint yourself. Please see the container lock boxes page for more info.


High security padlocks are dispatched directly to you via courier. We typically offer the very best quality option – the 75mm Hardened steel CISA branded shipping container padlock that comes with a range of pinning / keying options. They are anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-saw and provide excellent protection against attack and the elements.




Shipping Container Bolt Seals

container-bolt-sealBolt Seals are used to seal your container when shipping cargo. You seal it once you have packed your container and it will lock closed. Record the unique seal number and you can check it on arrival to ensure your container hasn’t been opened on its trip. (If customs look inside your container they will typically break the seal and replace it with a customs signified seal). You will need bolt cutters or similar to break the seal to get in to your container. Our bolt seals are ISO 17712.2 and C-TPAT compliant meaning it will comply with any local legal requirements for sealing your containers including trips to or via the USA. See our shipping container bolt seals page for more information.

Bulldog Container Locks

These are specially made shipping container locks. Made from case-hardened steel and weighing 3.5 kg, these locks are transferable from one container to another. Great if you have regular numbers of import or export containers held at your premises, or if you move other people’s containers with goods in them. We generally recommend a single lock box and padlock combination if you are purchasing a single container for storage at your site as the bulldog lock will be slightly more expensive for a similar standard of security but very handy if you have a rotation of containers to secure. See our bulldog container locks range.

all metal rackingShelving and Racking Options

We have a huge range of container shelving and racking to go inside 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We are also in the process of designing a number of customised shelf specs and layouts to give you fantastic quality and value for a variety of uses. So soon we will be able to offer anything from a container workbench to a complete container conversion to hold 630 archive boxes! Please see our container accessories section for a better idea of what we can offer.

Shipping Container Canopycontainer canopy cover

Specially designed canopy to sit between two 20ft or two 40ft containers giving a large covered space in between. Fantastic options for covered yard space or outdoor working as well as storage options. For more information see our shipping container canopy section.

Staircases and Gantries

Staircases and gantries are available to allow you to double stack containers at your site. Most of these are built to order so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

2000kg 12m ratchet

Ratchet Straps, Shipping & Container Accessories

Container lashing products such as container ratchet straps help to choke the movement of the cargo in the container are also available from To easily secure your bulky loads for transport or storage use ratchet straps. Please see our Container Accessories list for a better idea of what we can offer or again contact us to talk through the options.

Personnel Doors, Windows, Electric Points, Lights, Plumbing, (Central Heating, Open fireplace…??)

We wouldn’t be your one stop container shop if we didn’t offer everything! Most types of customisation are possible, and if you are considering one, there’s a very good chance that its been done before. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. One of our more popular options is our ‘fit yourself’ 12 point locking personnel door. It is a higher security alternative to a wooden or PVC door and perfect for use with a container. Get pictures and detailed specifications on our DIY container personnel doors.

Repainting and Artwork

repainted 10ft containerWe can respray containers in a wide range of colours, and we even offer custom design & logo work. A respray of quality marine paint is a good way to add many years life onto a second hand container. Need that container? Why not check out our one trip high spec 20ft shipping containers, or our standard range of used 20ft containers, or please just contact us if you want to know more or even just discuss options with us.

Container Ramps

container forklift rampLoading ramps of various shapes and sizes are available, and larger ramps can be rented as well. From a container pallet truck ramp, to a container forklift ramp, all the way to a ‘lorry loading’ ramp to allow you to load directly onto the back of a truck, let us know your requirements and we can supply what you need. For our various ground-level container access ramps see our container accessories page.

 Insulation and Condensation Treatments

Various forms of container insulation are available, and we will always try find the most cost effective solution for your requirements. Prices and insulation quality can vary significantly, from £34 for a moisture trap, to £1500 for 6 inch thick full thermal insulation (based on a 20ft). Alternatively another popular option is Grafo-Therm container condensation treatment. A fantastic long term solution to moisture problems.

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