Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping container dimensions are mostly standardised. This is to ensure that the ships, cranes and fleets of trucks around the world can handle and transport them.

Standard height shipping containers (8ft 6ins high) come in various lengths of which 20ft and 40ft are the most common. Other lengths are available (and for sale via this site) but are less common. There are also High Cube shipping containers (9ft 6ins high). These are mostly 40ft long but other lengths available.

In addition to the height and length, there are also several modified versions of these containers for specific tasks e.g. Side Opening containers, Tunnel containers, Flat Rack containers etc…

Sizes 20ft 40ft 40ft High Cube
Length 20ft (6.058-6.096m) 40ft (12.19m) 40ft (12.19m)
Width 8ft (2.43-2.45m) 8ft (2.43-2.45m) 8ft (2.43-2.45m)
Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m) 8ft 6ins (2.59m) 9ft 6ins (2.90m)
Length 19ft 4ins (5.898m) 39ft 5ins (12.032m) 39ft 5ins (12.032m)
Width 7ft 8ins (2.33-2.35m) 7ft 8ins (2.352m) 7ft 8ins (2.352m)
Height 7ft 10ins (2.38-2.39m) 7ft 10ins (2.393m) 8ft 10ins (2.698m)
Width 7ft 8ins (2.33-2.38m) 7ft 8ins (2.340m) 7ft 8ins (2.340m)
Height 7ft 6ins (2.28m) 7ft 6ins (2.393m) 8ft 5ins (2.585m)
Cubic Capacity 1172 cu ft (33.18m3) 2390 cu ft (67.67 m3) 2694 cu ft (76.28 m3)
Weight 1.8-2.4 tons
(1800-2400 Kgs)
3.7-4.1 tons
(3700-2400 Kgs)
3.9-4.4 Tonnes
(3900-4400 Kgs)
Max Cargo
(Export only)
21500 Kgs + 26000Kgs + 26000 Kgs +
Width 1ft 2ins (360mm) Commonly not available  Commonly not available
Height 4 1/2ins (115mm) Commonly not available  Commonly not available
Centre to Centre 6ft 9ins +/- 2ins
(2050mm +/- 50mm)
Commonly not available  Commonly not available

Please note that whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, some measurements (notably internal measurements) can vary slightly with the development and modernisation of manufacturing techniques over time. We recommend considering a circa 1 inch (2.5cm) tolerance. Where possible, we have given a range on known variations in dimensions between ranges but we can’t guarantee this to be totally accurate for all ranges. If you have a specific sizing problem or item to load that’s near these dimensions please double check with us in advance and if need be we will get someone to measure the exact container for you.

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