June 2017

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Shipping Container?

In the UK Shipping Containers should be classed as a temporary structure and should be exempt from any planning permission requirements. This is the same exemption as used by caravans and mobile homes. The structure (whilst not having wheels) is portable and is not designed to sit permanently hence it should be exempt from planning permission requirements.  However, we can't provide a blanket guarantee. There may be special conditions in place in your area such [...]

Condensation Treatments for Exporters

Condensation is an issue for any shipping container. Whether they are new shipping containers or used containers, the constant change in temperature means condensation build up is likely. To prevent this we have a number of condensation treatments for exporters we offer to give you that piece of mind that your cargo will be kept dry through transit or while in storage. One of our most popular products for short term condensation prevention are shipping [...]

40ft Shipping Container for Cycling Club Hackney

In May 2017 we supplied a 40ft refurbished shipping container to Cycling Club Hackney. Keir, one of their lead coaches, said he needed safe and secure storage for their club's bikes and other equipment. One of our team then discussed with them the full range of options we have available. We concluded that a refurbished shipping container was perfect as it gave the club ample storage at an unbeatable price, and the marine grade repaint [...]

Shipping Container Security Alarms

One of the most common questions we get asked is "how do I prevent thieves from breaking in to my container"? Now we can never guarantee that someone can't gain access to your shipping container, as heavy cutting gear can cut through the side or the roof if you have a suitably prepared and determined thief, but there are certainly ways of minimise the risk of "chancers" or opportunists looking for a quick steal! Burglaries [...]