1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #173: Parking Attendant Booth

Our latest article is on this fantastic shipping container parking booth which is situated in Ohio, USA. Constructed from a 40ft container that has been turned on its head and modified appropriate to make the perfect attendant and office space. The 40ft container stands out and is a beacon of information for everyone looking to park their car in that area of the city.

As well as providing space for a parking attendant, it also has a small space on the buildings floor area for other functions or an office. On the south and west facades of the tower, there is a store-front type opening to allow the parking attendant to keep watch over the car park and too offer help and advice.

The imposing structure stands proud in the car park and can be seen by motorists miles around.

On the north side of the container their is a lift-and-fold garage door that acts as a canopy over the service space.  The floor area is 8ft wide by nine feet long (2.5 by 2.75 metres) – the standard dimensions of a shipping container.  They used a shipping container as they are inexpensive, easily customisable and available world wide.

Below is a video that shows every stage of the construction process. From the modifications of the used shipping container, the painting, the transporting and craning into position. Now, Budget shipping containers haven’t done this project but I am sure something similar would definitely be possible to do in the UK!

The drone footage in this video really captures the ingenious of this project. From a standard used 40ft shipping container to a work of parking lot art, this was a fantastic way to recycle an old container and turn it into something useful.

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Credit: Dezeen 2018

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