20ft Shipping Container For Warwick School

We recently delivered this 20ft Shipping Container for Warwick School. Shipping containers are a great storage solution. They offer safe, secure and weather proof storage to store anything from house hold goods all the way up to luxury cars. The 20ft new/one trip container will always offer the best value, they are typically a few months old and have only made one trip over from China where they are manufactured. Naturally they cost more than the used 20ft shipping containers or the refurbished 20ft shipping containers. Saying that, they look a lot smarter and neater,  they are 10-15 years younger than a typical used container so one should expect this amount of additional lifespan as a minimum, and they hold a very good resale value should you want to get rid of it in circa 10 years time.

We always recommend new shipping containers as offering the best very long term value (typically recommended if you want a lot more than 10 years of good solid use)

Warwick school was in need of such a container. They needed a smart looking storage solution for there estates team. Tom from the team at Warwick school got in contact with one of our team. He needed a 20ft storage facility to go with the other shipping containers on site already being used for storage. He needed a smart looking and secure storage container so a new/one trip 20ft was the solution. We talked through all the options we have available and ran him through the process for payment and delivery.

As Warwick is local to our head office, we sent two members of our customer services team down to help  manage the delivery and liaise between the haulier and the customer to place the container in an agreeable location.

Once the shipping container for Warwick school arrived, we advised the team on site on leveling the container then our experienced haulage partner did the rest! Fitted with a good sized hiab crane the vehicle is equipped to lift off the shipping container and put it on the ground. This system allows us to delivery shipping containers pretty much anywhere in the UK. as long as we can get our truck next to the spot you need your container, as long as our truck wont’ get stuck and as long as there are no overhead obstructions then we can deliver a shipping container almost anywhere.

The estates team opted for wooden blocks and bricks but you can use anything from railway sleepers to breeze blocks as long as they are solid and level for the container to sit on . Its important to make sure any shipping container used for storage is levelled off in a similar way to ensure the doors don’t’ stick and to ensure that the container gives you the best possible lifespan

Keeping a shipping container raised slightly off the ground will also help ensure that the container dries out between wet spells, ensuring the underside has the longest possible lifespan.

Thanks to all the team at Warwick school for your help, your custom and being so nice to work with! We think this shipping container for warwick school will serve them very well and we certainly hope to hear back if they need any more.

If you are interested in purchasing anyone of our types of shipping containers or shipping container accessories please do get in touch. We are on hand to answer all your questions and will be able to give you a quote including delivery!

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