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Nationwide Containers in the UK

From our network of nationwide container depots, we deliver shipping containers direct to you. Budget Shipping Containers has an excellent track record for providing customers with a full range of shipping containers spanning new, used and refurbished shipping containers.

In addition, to standard shipping containers, through our network of nationwide container depots, we can covert containers to meet your exacting requirements including chemical stores, site offices, welfare units and so much more.

We’ve been providing shipping containers nationwide through our depots to both business and consumer customers for over 7-years and have the experience to deliver you the unit you require for your project. Of course don’t take our word for it – we are obviously trustworthy but there are scam container sites out there. Please check our recent news post on how to avoid getting scammed when buying a shipping container (or any other high value item) – we might even be aiming this post to specifically reach out to people searching for a scam container company….

Our services include straightforward delivery of containers through to complex conversions work including the installation of windows, doors, electrics and more.

Always striving to deliver the best in service, Budget Shipping Containers works with its customers to get them the unit they require and not what we think is the easiest option for us to offer.

Whilst the capabilities of our network of nationwide depots provide does vary, our main depots in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Southampton offer the largest range of specialist conversion services so, if a depot local to you can’t provide the services you require, rest assured we can provide a solution.

Our experienced team are here to assist you and will always work to get you what you want. If it can’t be done, you’ll know straightaway but, they will strive to offer an alternate solution whenever possible.

We are one of a handful of companies that provides nationwide containers and hope we can serve your needs. However, we advise before using us or any other shipping container company that you due your homework and check the legitimacy of the company before parting with any money.

We are aware of a couple of companies who also offer nationwide containers but, they are operating scams so, to ensure you don’t get scammed, we’ve produced an in-depth guide on what to look for when dealing with shipping container companies who offer a local or even nationwide presence. You can read more about here about shipping container scams and how to avoid them. We woudl like to add the vast majority of firm are 100% genuine but its always worth checking if your about to send a bank payment for a few thousand pounds into a total strangers account.

If you need shipping or storage containers delivered nationwide then you can get in touch with us to place an order by calling freephone 0808 1234 215 or by sending an enquiry through our Contact Us page.

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