CORTEN Steel Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are manufactured using a product called COR-TEN steel sometimes this is written as ‘corten steel’. COR-TEN steel or weathering steel is a special group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting. The weathering process of this steel eventually produces a rust-like appearance overtime due to exposure to weather.

The name COR-TEN is a registered trademark held by U.S. Steel with the name COR-TEN being derived from the two distinguishing properties of this steel alloy. They being CORrosion resistance and TENsile strength.

Weathering Steel

Weathering Steel

The term ‘weathering’ steel refers to the chemical composition of these steels that allows them to exhibit an increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion when compared to other steels. Under influence of the weather then, the surface of the steel forms a protective layer. The corrosion retarding effect of this protective layer is produced by the distribution and concentration of the alloying elements within the steel.

This protecting layer continues to develop and continuously regenerate when subjected to the weather. i.e. the surface is allowed to rust to produce the protective layer.

Whilst COR-TEN steel can endure the weathering process, if water is allowed to accumulate in pockets on the surface of the container then, these areas will experience higher corrosion rates. This is one of the reasons we advise you should periodically clear debris from the roof of your container to ensure that items like rotting leaves don’t accumulate as they can retain moisture and therefore contribute to accelerated corrosion.

COR-TEN steel is not just used to produce shipping containers though. It has been used in architectural projects including the Broadcasting Tower at Leeds Beckett University and the Angel of the North. And it can be seen on some of the widened sections of the M25 where it was used for piling purposes.

In almost all instances, shipping containers are made from COR-TEN steel. However, there are some smaller size containers that are produced from galvanised steel. This type of unit is typically used in self-storage facilities and where there is only space for a smaller container owing to space constraints. Galvanised containers cannot be used for shipping purposes.

Please note the container pictured here is a very old container, that was sold use, and still in use by the customer approx 10 years later. A used container supplied by us will likely be smarter than this image.

Galvanised Containers

In addition to providing shipping containers, Budget Shipping Containers also provide a range of versatile ‘flat-pack’ containers that are ideal for uses where a shipping container can’t be delivered.

Delivered on a pallet, these flat packs can be moved panel by panel to the location you want the container in and assembled easily with just two people. Our flat-pack range includes the original galvanised flat-pack range which has since been expanded to include our Quick Build range and our galvanised range. The latter includes some units that have been LPCB insurance tested and accredited by the UK Locksmiths Association making them ideal for secure storage of gardening equipment bicycles and motor bikes.

For more information about any of our superb range of containers, use our enquiry form or call us to discuss your requirements.

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