Melamine Lined Shipping Containers

Wipe Clean Container Lining

We regularly get customers looking for a container with a smart and clean internal finish. In particular this applies to those working in the catering or construction industry, who need a clean and dry place to work.

This is where melamine lined shipping containers are ideal as, not only do they protect against condensation, but they also provide a smart and wipe clean internal surface, something that is crucial in the catering industry when the container is being transformed into a cafe or is used to prepare food.

As you see from the photos below, the finish is of the highest quality and will totally transform a steel shipping container into a workable/liveable space for you to enjoy. Shipping containers will always come in cheaper than a traditional bricks and mortar building. They also offer a mobile solution to your typical on-site buildings and in most cases should be exempt from any planning permission and any additional business rates. Containers can be transformed into food stalls, bars, houses and even hotel blocks for a fraction of the price.

Water Treatment plant in a Shipping Container

This example pictures below were taken from one of our custom refits for a customer fitting water treatment plants into shipping containers. These custom modified 20ft high cube container offer the best possible internal space for the footprint – very popular with project like this, biomass plans, generators and other high end industrial refits. This melamine lined shipping container is also fitted with a push bar fire exit doors as well as specialised duel single and 3-phase power supply to allow our lights to run from single phase, whilst the customers plant will run on 3 phase power. This work was all completed in our Birmingham yard prior to delivery out to the customer.

Once completed these water treatment plans can easily be moved and delivered to a customer as a free-standing module. With genuine plug and go functionality a high grade industrial spec water treatment unit can be delivered and installed in a matter of hours.

At Budget Shipping Containers we can modify and adapt a shipping container to suit your needs, so if you need windows, doors, painting, insulation, melamine or even fully fitted out into a container home, we can accommodate such requests. If you have any queries, please feel free to get inĀ contact with us to discuss your requirements and supply you with a fully quote including delivery.

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