Repainting spec for Refurbished Shipping Containers

This guide is intended as a simple reference guide to explain the exact repainting spec for refurbished shipping containers. There can be a fair bit of variance within the industry on a refurbished specification with different companies offering different specs and prices for what may be referred to as the same item (ie a refurbished 20ft container). In this guide we try to make as clear as possible the spec we are offering.

Repainting spec for Refurbished Shipping Containers

As standard all containers are given a very basic rub down to remove the worst of any rust and peeling paint only. We then give the outside of the shipping container (including the roof) a repaint in your choice of marine grade paint.

We overspray the original container colour which may include any logos, data plates and shipping decals (markings) used when the containers are shipped around the world. We will typically overspray the door rubbers, locking bars and hinges. Its not uncommon that after delivery the doors may need working a little to free this up. In some rare instances, the decals may lift once over-painted.

basic repaint

As we use very hard wearing marine grade paint this we feel offers the best balance between value and providing a quality storage unit. It will offer a clean neutral finish.

If a container has been repainted and then sat in our yard for a week or so, some mud splatter over the paintwork may be apparent. This will vary depending on exactly which yard has done the work for us and if they have a paved or concreted yard or not.

When our yard equipment handles and moves the container, and when the container is delivered some scraping of the corner castings or lifting points may be apparent, and also some minor scrapes on the end frames are not unusual. These will only be very minor but to clarify we are not offering a pristine as new finish – we are simply adding a basic repaint to a used shipping container.

Generally we recommend darker shades only. Lighter shades of colour can show through the previous logos and markings more easily and in our experience darker shades help to soften the look of any dinks and dents on the container better than lighter shades.

Rubbing down surface rust on a shipping container before repainting

cargo door 10HC cutdown interior painted

Shipping containers are made from a very specific alloy of steel called COR-TEN steel. when rust forms on COR-TEN steel, the rust layer itself is non-porous – or it doesn’t let water through this rust layer. the rust itself adds an extra layer of protection to the surface of the metal. This is the main reason that shipping containers made from COR-TEN steel last so long.

For this reason as standard we don’t rub the container down to bare metal, we only rub down any areas of severe rust before repainting. We will commonly spray directly onto areas of light or surface rust as this simply adds an additional protective layer over the rust layer.

Repainting the inside of a shipping container

This is not typically included in our refurbished option as we are offering an external repaint only. Repainting the inside will not add any significant life to the shipping container or do anything other than slightly neaten up the inside of the container. We can offer an internal repaint if required, and we will occasionally repaint the inside if its cosmetically poor.

Premium Repaint Options for Refurbished Shipping Containers

If the best quality cosmetic finish on a shipping container is important to you, we have a number of additional options that we are more than happy to price for you, but these will commonly come with an additional charge. If you need any of this doing on your refurbished container please ensure its highlighted to the team member you’re getting prices from so we can account for some or all of these extras as may be required.

premium repaint

It’s worth mentioning if you need a really smart looking unit, you may wish to consider a one trip or a new container. For 20ft options and smaller containers you may find once adding these premiumĀ  options in – that your paying a very similar price to a new build container. As new containers will be 10-15 years younger, and as they will have fewer dents, they may be worth considering. A refurbished 40ft container will still commonly offer a significant saving versus new prices but we will always be happy pricing up both options for comparison for you.

Premium repainting options include:

  • Primer coat (for lighter external repaint jobs or longevity)
  • Removal of decals (shipping markings) prior to repainting
  • Masking off the door rubbers before repainting
  • Masking off the locking rods on the door before repainting
  • Internal repaint
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