Shipping Containers for Football Clubs

Football clubs, big or small, always require storage for their equipment. whether it be football goals, kits, training equipment or even seating, shipping containers can provide an effective storage solution for your football club. They can also be easily converted by our team of engineers to changing rooms, shower units,  toilet blocks, stands and more. Shipping containers can be modified to suit your football clubs needs, so if it is just a basic unit or a modified container turned club house or changing room, do get in touch for a quote.

Here at Budget Shipping Containers we have the experience and knowledge to help with a huge variety of needs a football club may have. From a single 20ft container for storage of your training kit, to a recent massive acoustic wall installed at the Tottenham Hotspur redevelopment site in London. Our experienced team can help you refine any idea to ensure best value for our customers, whilst also ensuring that our trained and able drivers can get these into your site for you even if this involves tricky tight corners, running across a playing field or getting your container into a difficult corner of site. (If you ever anticipate a tricky shipping container delivery please let us know of any potential issues well in advance so we can plan for this for you)

You can see below a recent project we completed, where we turned a used shipping container into a changing room for a local football team, which included a sink and basic kitchen facilities.

Below are some of our professional football clients, where we have supplied storage units for the clubs to store excess equipment and an acoustic wall!

Shipping containers can even be used to create an acoustic and visual barrier! Tottenham Hotspur recently got in contact with us to build a sound barrier to protect the local residents from the building works that were needed to build their new 60,000 seater stadium. They needed 33 x 40ft used shipping containers to be stacked 3 high. This created a wall over 26ft high and ensured the residents wouldn’t have any noise pollution of would have to see the building site.

This project was carefully managed by our team of experts, liaising with the onsite construction teams to make sure health and safety procedures were followed and that we could complete the project in good time for Tottenham to carry on with the stadium build.

If you have a similar project in mind or just need that extra bit of changing room or storage space, please do get in contact with us. Our helpful and friendly team will help manage your project from the point of quoting all the way through to the delivery of your containers. You can also browse our online range of shipping containers for sale if you need an idea of the standard ranges available.

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