Shipping Containers for the Freight Industry

Shipping containers for the freight industry may seem like a very common use for our shipping containers, but in reality its very rare that you need to buy your own container for export – as most of the time you will be able to ‘borrow’ a free shipping line owned container for your shipping job around the globe.

We supply a number of freight forwarders with shippers owned containers (containers owned by the customer as opposed to the shipping line) for a range of uses, here are some of the major freight forwarders we have helped over the past few years.

Work has varied from project factory moves where an entire factory is packed up inside shipping containers and moved to a new location (often in the far east), or helping a shipper source a single container for shipment into Africa, or an area of political unrest (where the shipping lines may not be happy for their own shipping containers to go). Some new importers like to have a shipping container on their site for storage use – as this can work out a lot cheaper than warehouse space in the long term, and you know your import shipment will neatly inside a similarly sized container.

One of the largest shippers in the UK, the MOD regularly source their own shipping containers for export jobs as well as running their own private fleet of shipping containers we’ve been fortunate in the past to win a lot of work for supply to companies who in turn are supplying the MOD with a product or service that requires gear shipping around the globe.

For export jobs used containers are by far and away the most common container sold. As customers typically only want to do one trip with their cargo they usually request something that can reliably do the job and cost as little as possible. This is where our range of used export grade shipping containers come into their own. As with everything we sell we source all our containers directly from shipping lines and leasing companies and all our containers are given a professional check over before it leaves our yard to ensure its sound and good / safe to use for export.  When required for export use all our containers will come with a minimum 6 month CSC plate that allows it to get loaded onto a container ship. Longer minimum plates can be offer if required in many cases.

As well as a number of very large international forwarders, we are just as proud to support the activities of a number of smaller freight forwarders and logistics firms. Many of these smaller firms may focus on a specific industry segment or specialise in a certain type of freight. From storage containers for customers who may regularly import or export cargo, to shippers owned export jobs for emigration shipments, or one way cargo into Africa or areas of ‘political sensitivity’

For our freight forwarder customers we can offer a very straightforward and easy to work with service. We can release containers for your own line hauliers to pick up, or we can deliver ourselves as may be required. We can work with you to find the most cost effective setup for your job. All our containers can come with CSC indemnity paperwork (on request) and we offer a free container bolt seal with every export grade container sold (also on request)

In reality, the reasons for wanting your own shipping container can be wide and varied. For that reason we have a team of friendly experts on hand to help with your enquiry, whether you’ve worked with shipping containers your whole career, or if you’re new to the subject and don’t know where to start. Please feel free to give us a call on freephone 0808 1234 215 any normal working weekday 08:30 am – 7:00 pm, or you can check our contact us section for other ways to get in touch, or if you know what you’re looking for our online quote request can have a formal quote back with you within a few working hours.

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