7ft Shipping Containers

7ft shipping containers are a non-standard size as shipping containers usually only come in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft options. However, plenty of our customers have non-standard requirements, so this is why we came up with our range of made to order refurbished 7ft shipping containers.

These 7ft shipping containers are made up in our London, Birmingham and Liverpool depots in volume (and other depots in smaller numbers when needed) and offer an excellent, cost effective and secure storage option for anyone with a very specific sized gap to fill.

While we can offer new 7ft shipping containers if needed, this is very rarely a cost effective option as we need to take a bigger new container and cut it down to size. However, if you have a tricky problem of difficult challenge to sort out please feel free to contact us and we can always talk through the issues involved.

Refurbished 7ft Shipping Containers

7ft shipping containersAre you looking for secure garden, allotment or site storage? What do you do if a standard 8ft shipping container is too big? Then our range of refurbished and custom built 7ft shipping containers will not only offer cost effective secure storage but also look smarter than a typical used container, and fit perfectly into any odd space you might need to fill.

The refurbished 7ft shipping containers are made from cutting larger used 40ft shipping container down to size, adding newly constructed doors, blaning off the back if needed and repainting them. Individual specifications will vary from one depot to another, as will prices. While the width (8ft) and height (8’6” & 9’6”) will remain the same as a standard shipping container, the length is made to 8ft (or other customs sizes are also available).

All units come repainted externally in your choice of basic colour giving the option to either blend your container into its surroundings or match a company colour scheme. The paint we use for our shipping containers is marine grade, meaning it is very long lasting and hard wearing and in some cases, repainting a shipping container will add years to its lifespan.

All our refurbished 7ft shipping containers will come checked and guaranteed structurally sound, wind & water tight and include high security lock boxes (padlock covers) as standard.

The flat panel doors are constructed from steel at least as thick as the container sides and given a box section frame for rigidity. They will look smarter than a lot of original container doors and they are much easier to use on a day to day basis. The flat panel doors do not come with a rubber seal unlike the heavy duty doors, however, with a rain guard and covered frame they are still guaranteed wind and water tight.

As this 7ft shipping container is made from a second hand container, the cosmetics of the original containers may vary (prior to them being cut and repainted), so you can expect some dents, creases and repairs to the container chassis, but you are assured of a structurally sound, wind and water tight container with a fresh look – see our guarantee & returns policy.

Delivery too tight for a Hiab lorry?

Budget Shipping Containers also offers a flat pack secure garden store or motorbike store (2.5m x 1.5 m), a flat pack storage container (3m x 2m) or flat pack chemical store (2m x 2m)

The flat pack units come delivered on a pallet, because it comes as separate panels with simple assembly it allows access to the tightest spots where a Hiab lorry may not be able to access.

Budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk has an unbeatable range of shipping containers available for export and storage use. You can browse the ranges of containers we have available in our shop, you can request a quote online or especially useful in the case of special requests like a custom length shipping container you can contact us at our office where our helpful & experienced staff are waiting to help.

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