Agricultural Storage and Secure Shipping Container Farm Storage

More than just a big metal box

We supply shipping containers to farmers across the UK who primarily use them for secure agricultural storage for feed and small farm machinery. However, the range of uses goes way beyond these. Jeffries Farm, for instance, have so far had two 20ft shipping containers from us, one of which they are converting by dividing the container with an internal partition. They are then installing a double width door in the closed end of the container and intend to use this section for storing a ride on lawnmower. On the cargo door end, they are removing the cargo doors and using this end of the container as a log store.

This is just one of many possible uses, shipping containers on farms have been modified for all sorts of uses from offices and welfare facilities for farm workers (break rooms, toilets and drying rooms) through to materials processing plants, barriers to shield neighbours from dust and noise and more! If anything farmers and the agricultural industry at large are amongst our more inventive customers when it comes to re-purposing shipping containers. We have had cider processing, live fish processing, hydroponics containers, plant rooms and more made from shipping containers in the past, and we fully expect to meet new uses for converted shipping containers that we haven’t yet come across.

If you need assistance with a shipping container for farm or agricultural storage and need some custom work done prior to delivery, just let us know your requirements. More importantly we’re here to help give you our best impartial advice on getting a shipping container re-purposed for a specific use. Tom at Jeffries Farm was more than happy to undertake the works himself as the project was very much a work in progress and he wanted the ability to be able to change his requirements as he went along. We are more than happy to help you undertake your own work and we are full of help and advice. Our news section has a number of handy guides for DIY modifications and of course are team is here to help you get the most from your purchase with us. We even have door and window sets in our accessories section that you can buy to fit yourself.

Limitless Conversion options

With shipping containers being put to many uses, Tom has just bought another two 20ft containers for use in his next project.

20170808_130004We can install security shuttered windows and high security personnel doors making access to your container a lot easier. Our high security personnel doors have a 10-point locking system and a 5 pin anti-drill Euro profile cylinder*. On top of this, there is 4mm round bar steel mesh throughout the door. Another option is to remove the cargo doors and install a roller shutter.

We can re-paint the interior and exterior of the container in one of our standard RAL colours using high-quality marine grade paint and even add external wooden cladding.

We can install electrics, insulation and ply-lining.

If you need a really flexible storage solution, why not consider one of our 20ft side opening containers?

If you need shelving, we have a great range of heavy-duty racking that’s ideal for making the most of the space in your container and with a massive 600kg UDL rating per shelf, you’ll be able to store some very heavy items.

Argos_SMA_front_LLR copyWith agricultural theft on the increase, shipping containers provide a secure method of storage and you can add further protection by installing one of our shipping container alarms. Our alarms are battery operated and when activated, they send a text alert direct to your mobile phone.

If you’d like to get a quote for your secure shipping container for farm storage, building site storage etc, call us to discuss your requirements or complete our enquiry form. If your unsure of the options please feel free to browse our online catalogue where you can get a good idea of the available options and approx prices.

* Please note we have a range of door options on our website and exact specs of individual doors do vary slightly, but they all very high quality secure options. Please check the individual product pages in our accessories section for full specs and details.

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