Big Shipping Containers

2/3 stack shipping containerIf you have a lot of gear to ship or store, then a big shipping container might be a great way to go for you. In this guide we detail the types of big shipping containers that are available to buy in the UK, and we offer a few buyers tips to help you get the best value from your shipping containers

When storing goods, big shipping containers will offer excellent value secure weatherproof storage anywhere in the world.

When used for exporting cargo, a big shipping containers will be the most economical way to ship large volumes of goods (circa 10-20 tonnes).

What types of Big Shipping Container are available?

Big shipping containers can come in a number of sizes, width and height options. Here are the common characteristics for big shipping containers.

Length Options

40ft Shipping Containers – as the name suggests these are all 40ft long and can come in a few width and height configurations

45ft shipping containers – same as 40ft containers, but yes – these are all 45ft long!

48, 53 and 60ft shipping containers

These sizes of shipping container do exist, they are in use in north America only. UK (and European) container infrastructure and roads are not suitable for containers of this size, as such these will not commonly be available in the UK or cost effective as a storage option.

Big Shipping Container Width Options

Standard Width Shipping Containers

A standard shipping container will be 8ft wide. All standard ISO shipping containers are as standard exactly 8ft wide externally.

Pallet-wide Shipping Containers

45HC PW side viewPallet-wide shipping containers were developed specifically for the shipment of euro pallets around europe. they are approx 2-5cm wilder externally (circa 2 inches) which allows for euro pallets to be stacked 2 wide inside the shipping container.

40ft pallet-wide shipping containers are available but rare, 45ft pallet-wide shipping containers are more commonplace.

NB Top tips if looking for a storage container: the doors on a pallet-wide shipping container are much easier to rack (Jam open if the container is any way uneven) and they can be a fair bit more awkward than a standard shipping container to set up.

Height options for big shipping containers

Standard height shipping containers

As standard all shipping containers are 8ft 6 inches high externally

NB 45ft standard height shipping containers are largely being phased out and replaced with high cube 45ft containers

High cube containers

all high cube shipping containers are 9ft 6 inches high externally.

Best value big shipping containers for storage use

When sourcing a big shipping container to store your goods in, the vast majority of customers are interested in the best value for a large volume of space. Sometimes you may have a very specific item to store or project in mind which may mean you want or need a very specific size of shipping container – in which case of course let us know what you need and we will get the best possible options together for you.

For customers who want the best possible price for a large amount of secure, weatherproof storage then you will probably find that standard height or high cube 40fts will offer the best overall value. These are a lot more commonplace than their 45ft counterparts and as such they will usually offer a cheaper price per square or cubic foot of space inside the container when compared to 45ft shipping container options.

The height option for your big shipping container will depend on the type of cargo you have as well as how you will use or stack the goods. If your cargo cannot make use of the extra height of a high cube, then a standard height should offer better value for you overall. If you can make use of this extra height then a high cube will almost certainly offer better overall value.

Top tip – think about how you will use your shipping container. A lot of fork lifts can fit inside a high cube that may not otherwise fit inside a standard height shipping container. We also have great ranges of ramps, shelving and other shipping container accessories.

Looking for a big shipping container in the UK?

With a huge online range of shipping containers both big and small, stock in 16 depots across the UK and nationwide crane equipped delivery options – we are your one stop shipping container shop.

Please feel free to browse our online catalogue, you can also request a quote online or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our team, you can reach us on freephone 0808 1234 215 any time 08:30am – 7pm any standard weekdays (not including bank holidays), or send us a message via our contact form.

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